Diagramming English

In one of my online Latin classes, the First Year Henle Latin class, we take a grammatical approach to learning Latin. Unfortunately, there is simply never enough time to cover all that we need to cover.

With this in mind, I am launching a new Chalkboard series on YouTube. Called “Diagramming English,” this series will take you from the most basic sentence diagrams in English to the most advanced diagrams. After diagramming the sentences, you will learn to translate the sentences into Latin.

It would make me happy if this series was useful to all English learners, not just Latin learners.  In fact, you do not even need to know Latin to benefit.

How to Diagram a Subject and Verb

How to Diagram Direct Objects

How to Diagram Possessive Prepositional Phrases

How to Diagram Indirect Objects or the Dative Case

How to Diagram Predicate Nominatives

How to Diagram a Prepositional Phrase

How to Diagram Subordinating Conjunctions

Diagraming English, Henle Lesson 47 

 More Indirect Objects: Henle Latin 19:10 and 20:2