It does not take 7 years to learn Latin…

There is a better way.

I have given all of my secrets away in an 112-page e-book, Via.

I’ve been studying languages since childhood, and I’ve been teaching Latin and Greek for almost twenty years.  In the book, I reveal all the language learning secrets I have discovered along the way.

In this book you will discover:

  • Why setting clear goals is so important.   Page 10
  • How much time it actually takes to learn another language… in this case, Latin.   Page 20
  • How to create more time for yourself so that you can learn Latin.  Chapter 1
  • How to use those “wasted minutes” during the day.   Page 26
  • How to develop the habits that will make learning Latin automatic.   Chapter 2
  • Why language “immersion” does not always work.  Page 43
  • How to recognize the tools of the internet age.   Page 45
  • What to listen to as you learn Latin.   Page 53
  • What you should read as you learn Latin.  Page 55
  • How to read the news in Latin.  Page 61
  • Why there are “two” Latin pronunciations.  Page 72
  • Where to go for help when you are stuck. Page 95
  • Why you are not too old to learn Latin.  Page 107

And more…

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Slightly skeptical?  Here is what others are saying:

“I’m reading your book, Via, and I’m very impressed. It is a wonderful life-help book and not just for languages. I’ve never been a very disciplined person, so it will take lots of baby steps; however, your book gives me hope for change. I’m going to have my husband read it in addition to my daughter.”

– Dawn

“Today, as I finished reading your book, I realized a big part of what had been missing for me in my Latin study.  Your book has assured me that I am doing a few things right – I have some good tools collected, but I need a more specific goal and a better plan.  Your book IS a training plan for Latin, just like those marathon training plans I copied from experienced runners.  What you have created is an important work!  It has implications beyond language study.”

– Mary

“There is a lot of gold in this book.  What you do by telling others in a practical and efficient way how to learn Latin well is to tell them in a practical and efficient way how to do anything well. You obviously love language, and you can see in the resources you offer and the points you discuss that you’ve read and studied and thought carefully about the Latin language. Because you’ve created such a good book on learning Latin, you’ve created a good book on learning, period. ”

– Robbie

“Challenged & inspired by it… For Latin, but definitely regarding other endeavors.

Can’t wait to have my teen boys read it. 

Favorite humorous quote (from you) so far in the book: “As the Mayans taught us, if you don’t finish your work, it’s not the end of the world.”

Love it.”

– Alison

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Of course, you may not want to read a book about learning Latin.   Maybe you are just ready to learn Latin.

You may be ready to join one of my online Latin classes.

Now, you can join EVERY CLASS I teach with ONE simple subscription option.  That’s correct.  Subscribe once and you will have access to each and every class I teach.

Not only that, all subscriptions are FAMILY subscriptions.  Everyone in the family is welcome to enroll.

I will do the math for you.  If you subscribe for $25 a month, you are going to join all of my classes for $300 a year. 

Shop around.  Most online Latin courses cost $600 or more per student.   Got three kids?  Great.  You will be paying $1,800 this year for Latin.  $1,800 for a language you will likely never speak.  C’mon.  I know you have better things to do with your money.

I charge per family.  Got three kids?  You will be paying $300 this year for Latin.  Got seven kids?  $300.  Got 12 kids?  $300.  Got 19 kids and counting?  Hey, what are the Duggars doing on my site?  Don’t you have better things to do?

It gets worse.  Most online Latin courses are on a six, or seven-year plan.  Please. Don’t spend seven years studying a language you will likely never speak.

Six years of Latin at $500 (average annual price of an online Latin class… per child) equals $6,000!  Got two kids?  $12,000!  Got three kids?  $18,000!  19 kids?  $114,000!  On second thought… perhaps I should charge per child.

I have an ambitious goal.  I want you to be able to read the New Testament in Latin in two years.  It can be done.  I have personally taught hundreds of students to read the New Testament within two years.

So, if you spend two years in one of my classes, you should be able to read the New Testament by the end of the course.  Total cost?  $600.  Got two kids?  $600.  Got three kids?  $600. 

One more thing, my online classes are not easy.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you finish Visual Latin before beginning one of my online classes.  Or, I recommend you learn Italian, Spanish, or French first.  Latin is a very difficult language to master.  Read that again.  I am not kidding.

Visual Latin, Italian, Spanish, or French will pave the way.

Okay, one last warning.  I recommend that you do not join any of my online classes unless you are at least 13 years old.  I am afraid you are setting yourself up for frustration if you do not heed this warning.

By warning you, I realize that I may have talked you out of joining one of my online classes.  That’s okay.  Really, I don’t mind if you take this warning seriously and not sign up, or wait until you are a bit older to sign up.  It’s disheartening to me to see people join only to drop out a few months later when they realize that the classes are too difficult.

If you have read all of that, and you are ready for a challenge, feel free to jump into any (or all) of my online classes here:

  • Billed once per month, 36 times

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Unfortunately, I am not currently taking on any more students under the grading option.  I am maxed out.  I simply do not have time to take on new students.  This leaves the $25 a month option.  I am happy to add your name to a waiting list if you need me to grade your work.

If you join, please keep your records.  (I will keep them, too.)  As most of my students hang out with me for an average of three years, I have set the automatic subscriptions to expire at the end of three years.

However, there is no commitment.  You do not have to send money to me for three years.  You can cancel ANYTIME.    No penalties. No questions.

Subscription to this site comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If at any time, you are not satisfied, you can cancel and get a full refund. This is good for 60 days. This time limit is as much as the credit card merchant accounts allow.

I want everyone who joins this site to be happy. But no one can please everyone, as I discovered during 20 years in the classroom.  

You are safe.  I will bear 100% of the financial risk.

This offer also applies both monthly and yearly subscriptions.  Both come with a 100%, 60 day money-back guarantee. 

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