There is something you should know about me.  When it comes to this website and the online Latin, Greek, and Vocabulary classes, I am a one-man show.

All tech issues, tuition issues, connection issues, and these days, Kleenex tissues are mine.

I am doing everything I can to guarantee a smooth launch this week.  If I am a little slow to respond, don’t worry, I will respond.  It just may take a bit.

That said, I want to make sure everyone can connect for class this week.  If you have not had a chance to test your connection, or if you have questions before we begin, this is your chance to get them answered.

I will host a last minute meeting tonight at 7 P.M. central time zone.  I will also host a ridiculously last minute meeting tomorrow at 1 P.M. central times zone.

I wish that I could host them at Mountain Time because I lived in a cabin next to Lake Tahoe.  But, I don’t.  So I can’t.  That is why I have the Kleenex tissues nearby.

Wanna hang out tonight?  Meet me here: