I received this question:

Hello Dwane!

I was wondering if you are going to do another round of orientation classes on how to navigate the site/use the classes? I attended one last summer, but I turned everything over to one son who attended your live classes but didn’t use much else on the site. Now I want to start our whole tribe but don’t remember a lot about utilizing everything.

Here is my reply:


Planning on it. 

The office I generally use is currently rented and I don’t have access to it until September.  Ergo, I will have to offer the orientation classes from my home.  At the moment, our home internet is rather pathetic and does not handle live online classes well.  Still, I will just have to go with it and make the best of it.  So, yeah.  I will start offering orientation classes soon.  Very soon, in fact.  I will likely start next week and offer weekly orientation classes until mid-September. 

I will announce the classes on my blog and via the “tip of the week” email list. 

Since the new website design, the old orientation classes are no longer relevant.