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Two new “classes”.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in class to cover it all.

This has been a major problem with Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.  There just isn’t always enough time for the readings he assigns.

So, on Monday’s (until May) we are going to gather to read Caesar’s Gallic Wars together.  We will focus on the readings Mr. Henle assigns.  If you are in the Second Year Latin class, you do not have to come… but, you can come if you like.

Also on Mondays, I am going to pick up the “extra practice” classes I once taught for Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.   The last time I taught this class, we stopped in chapter 5.  We are going to pick it up in chapter 6.  Again, if you are in the class, this extra practice class is not required.  But… come if you like.

Sorry.  This is not open to the public.  Subscribers only.

As for the word of the day class I was teaching, I am not sure that is coming back.  I fell sick for days and lost my motivation completely.  It may be under the bed.

If you want the links to the Monday classes, just contact me.

War Commentaries of Caesar

You kids today.  I am so jealous.

When I moved to Germany as a teenager, I decided to learn German.  Someone gave me a set of language learning cassette tapes.  This, kids, is a cassette tape:

There were twelve cassettes in the course.  I was glad someone gave the series to me.  As I recall, the series cost about $300.  In the 1980’s, $300 was an inaccessible fortune.

These days, you have access to more German audio material than you could ever listen to.  For free.  Do you see why I am jealous?

Every year, I take students through Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars.

I like to listen to audiobooks.  I went hunting for an audio version of Caesar’s book.  I expected to spend $20 to $30 on Audible.com.  I found it.

The Commentaries by Julius Caesar read by Charlton Griffin is my new favorite audio version.  Sure enough, the book costs a bit more than $20.

However, if you want it for free, it is also available on YouTube.  Seriously. Here you go:

You kids today have it all.  You could learn anything.  Stop playing Candy Crush.

Want to join me as we read through Henle 2 and Caesar’s Gallic Wars in Latin?  Click the blue button below: 

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