I received this comment about Lingua Latina online:

This is a high school level class, right?  Just checking.

I’m pleasantly surprised as well. Henle was such a struggle for him that I’m wondering if it was the curriculum or the way in which it was  presented. He did spend 2 yrs working through the 1st half of Henle 1 which I will count as 1 credit. That basis is obviously helping him. 

He hasn’t been doing the online tests which I will have him go back and complete.  So far all the homework allows him to look up the answers and I want to eventually add memory based quizzes.

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job making a “dead language” come alive!

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

I know of several colleges and at least one international language school that use Lingua Latina.  Most high schools will not touch it.  It requires way too much of the teacher.  

Yes.  This is definitely a high school level class.  College level too, depending on who you are talking with.  

Your son is blowing me away.  His performance is rare.  Extremely rare.

I would hold off on the online tests.  I am not even creating any new tests.  There have been numerous problems with the plug-in I am using.  It is causing my students all kinds of headaches.  Until the developer and I figure this out, just have him email me the homework…