Growing up, I never really thought of any food as more powerful than another.  Early in my 20’s, though, I began to discover the power of certain foods.  Especially plants.  Honestly, I wish I had found out earlier.  Plants are incredibly powerful.  If you are an athlete, or aspire to be, you will enjoy this book.

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This movie had a powerful impact in my life.  I have watched it multiple times.  I wish everyone in America would watch it.  This is a message that just isn’t getting through.  But, it needs to.  Watch this with an open mind.  Forks Over Knives could change your life.

I read this book in Colorado while my family and I were waiting for my son to recover from a terrible accident.  (He recovered, by the way, and lives in Maine these days.). For years, I was a sedentary teacher.  Teaching is not a very active career.  I wanted energy again.  Rich Roll had a similar story.  He was a sedentary lawyer who also wanted energy again.  So he changed his diet, and changed his habits.  This is his story.

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I really enjoy watching health documentaries.  This is one of the most inspiring healty documentaries I have every watched.  I have lost several close family members to healthy conditions similar to the conditions shown in this film, and I sometimes wonder if things could have been different had my family members just known the truth.  If you are trying to recover your health, this is a good movie to watch. 

I’ve blogged about this sleep mask before.  My wife loves it.  She has a hard time falling to sleep sometimes.  Wearing this at night has helped a lot.

Oh my word.  I don’t know how many smoothies I have made with this blender.  I use this several times every day.  The Vitamix blender is expensive, so maybe put this on a gift list.  The good news is… they really are built to last.

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