France 2023

For years, students have been begging me to take them to Europe. For a while now, I have been exploring various options. My wife is much better at travel organization. She has put a lot of work into making this possible. So, I am happy to announce that in May, I am offering a trip to France through my website.

We start in Paris, then spend time in Normandy, St. Malo, and Chartres before returning to Paris to fly home. This trip is open to anyone who would like to come. It is an experimental trip. I am testing Explorica to see how it all goes. If this trip goes well, then this will become an annual event.

The price includes flights as well as local tour guides. I have been on tours without local tour guides and, in my experience, having a local tour guide enhances the trip so much more. This is one of the main reasons I chose Explorica as our tour company. The dates are May 16 – May 23, 2023. The total cost is $3,308 and this includes flights. This is the student price (age 22 and under). The adult price is a bit more.

You can see all the tour includes here: If this trip goes well (and, I am convinced it will) there will be opportunities to go again in the future.