I am not exactly sure how I have made it into my 40’s and have still not heard a sermon based on this book.  C. S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity just isn’t talked about enough.  So many of the objections to Christianity are handled here with grace, patience, and force.  It’s hard to wriggle out of Lewis’ arguments for the faith.  If you are struggling with Christianity, read Mere Christianity.  

This book, by Ryan Holiday, lays out the basics of the ancient philosphy of Stoicism.  I am not entirely a fan.  You can read my reasons in the full review linked below.  However, I am a fan of learning to stay calm in terrible situations.  This is not a skill I have always possessed.  I had to learn it just like any other skill.  This book helped me do it. 

See my full review here: https://dwanethomas.com/the-obstacle-is-the-way/