I am not exactly sure how I have made it into my 40’s and have still not heard a sermon based on this book.  C. S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity just isn’t talked about enough.  So many of the objections to Christianity are handled here with grace, patience, and force.  It’s hard to wriggle out of Lewis’ arguments for the faith.  If you are struggling with Christianity, read Mere Christianity.  

The title of this book says it all, doesn’t it?  We are obsessed with early achievement and, not to put too fine a point on it, we need to knock it off.  For those, like me, who struggled in school and felt life was passing us by while we took the longer path, this book is for you.

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This book, by Ryan Holiday, lays out the basics of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism.  I am not entirely a fan.  You can read my reasons in the full review linked below.  However, I am a fan of learning to stay calm in terrible situations.  This is not a skill I have always possessed.  I had to learn it just like any other skill.  This book helped me do it. 

See my full review here: https://dwanethomas.com/the-obstacle-is-the-way/

Here is some wisdom from the past.   Let’s all go ahead and ignore it.  

In this book, Stephen Leacock (once called the Mark Twain of Canada) reduces to absurdity the amount of time we spend in school, and, in particular, college.  

He also takes some interesting swings at Latin.  Good to study, he says, but we take way too long to study it.  


This book is written to teenagers, but, honestly, we all need to read it.  Compulsory schooling has damaged all of us to some extent.  It’s time to declare our freedom.  This book is the rallying cry.  Some of the suggestions are a little dated, but if anything, that leaves us with fewer excuses.  We have even more resources available to us now.