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Made a long day less long…

These days I am writing for Word Up: Volume's 2 and 3.  It's a long process.   Honestly, I am getting a bit frustrated.  English is a slippery language.  But, you knew that already.     I took a break from Word Up to go answer emails.  This was in my inbox.  Made me...

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I almost emailed her back….

I received this series of questions: I've been worming my way through the vocab lists, making myself flashcards so I can more easily drill myself on this bewildering number of words.  Since I really like to know *everything* that a word means, I've been using...

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Could I see an example class?

People are often confused by all that I offer.  That's fine.  Here's what's going on. Visual Latin is a professionally filmed series.  I do not personally sell it.  It is available here from Compass Classroom. Once they have completed Visual Latin many of my students...

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