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I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!”  – Kimberly

Recent Blog Posts

Could I see an example class?

People are often confused by all that I offer.  I get that.  It's confusing. Here's what's going on. Visual Latin is a professionally filmed series.  I do not personally sell it.  It is available here from Compass Classroom. Once they have completed Visual Latin many...

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Word of the Day #97: Sententious

Words change over time.  We know that.  Sententious is one of those words. Sententious once meant full of wisdom.  These days, it kind of means full of it.  (Hint.  The it in full of it is not wisdom.) In Latin sententiosus meant full of meaning.  This word came from...

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Word of the Day #96: Penny

Penny: a small coin worth one cent. In German class this morning, we learned the word for penny: Pfennig.  Clearly related to English, my students and I went off to find out where this word came from. In Middle English, the word was peni.  In Old English, pening, and...

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