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Imperium by Robert Harris

A few hours ago, I finished the book Imperium by Robert Harris. I started listening on Scribd, but then Scribd took it away.  Oh well.  Scribd giveth.  Scribd taketh away. I finished the book on Audible. I give the book five stars. But, I have to warn you.  I know...

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Letter of the week. 🙂

"We don't write to you much, knowing how busy you are, but would like to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful we are for your classes!  We follow a rather intense classical education program. The Latin portion, by the time our oldest got to high school,...

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Reform is coming. Any day now.

This time of year, I get the same question.  A lot. "Do your classes count as high-school credit?"  Short answer.  Yes.  They do.  To find out exactly how... read this excellent article: And now, brace...

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