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Recent Blog Posts

Biking the Erie Canal

A few of my girls and I are cycling the Erie Canal this week.  Or, at least, we are attempting to. Long distance bike trips have been a dream of mine for a long, long time.  But, I have never quite figured out how to pull it off. I wanted to bring my family along, but...

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A little too ironic…

I received an email from a public school wanting to join my classes. The email included this note. This doesn't appear to be Christian, but their (sic) are biblical resources a public charter we can't pay for non-secular classes....just checking...let me...

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On the road

My wife and I, and two of my girls are on the road for a bit. After his car accident some time ago, my son has moved around quite a bit.  These days, he lives in Maine.  We were going to drive up to Maine to see him, but Covid changed things, and we decided to meet up...

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