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“You have superpowers. I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!” -Kimberly

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Should I study Henle Latin, Lingua Latina, or something else?

I received this question: I wasn't sure where to ask this question, but I am intrigued to hear what you would have to say is the "take away" from your most recent blog post on "Still Can't Read Latin after Years of Study?"  Is this the case only for using the Henle...

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Letter of the week. 🙂

A student sent this to me at the end of the school year.  Made me very happy. "Thank you Dwane for a wonderful year of Orberg Latin! A first for me. Even though there were a couple of days I had to miss, the online access will be of great help to rewatch.  As well the...

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Where can I listen to Latin?

I received this question: I read you suggestion to listen to 10 minutes of Latin a day. Suggestions on where to get some audio? Here is my reply: When it comes to Latin pronunciation, scholars will talk your ears off.  And, they will get pretty frustrated when you get...

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