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Word of the Day #28: Berserk

Berserk: violently or frenetically destructive; wildly destructive To go berserk is to have a fit of destructive rage.   Berserk came into English from Old Norse.  In Old Norse, a berserkr was a raging warrior.  The Norse word is likely a combination of ber (bear) and...

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Word of the Day #27: Galore

Galore: plenty; abundantly; in abundance Galore is from the Irish go leór meaning sufficiently, enough.   May you find black Friday deals galore out there today. Synonyms: plenty, aplenty, abundant, ample ================================================= Into Words? ...

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A Good Thanksgiving Day Tradition

Years ago, Michael Masterson posted this tip on the site Early to Rise. ================================================= Being the day before Thanksgiving, I have a 30-minute "task" for you that will make you feel good and bring you many future blessings. Step One:...

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