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After Henle Latin… Visual Latin or Lingua Latina?

I received this question: My son trudged through Latin this year for the first time in Classical Conversations Challenge 1. As you know, they use Henle. We’re not continuing with CC, but would like him to get his second year of Latin. He definitely learned some Latin...

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A little help for a friend.

If you have ever thought of moving to North Carolina, and if you are looking for a job as a Latin teacher... this could be your big opportunity. A friend of mine is helping her husband track down just such a person for the coming school year. Check this out:...

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Letter of the week. 🙂

Thank you so very much for teaching Latin! Although Lingua Latina is tough, I'm glad I can actually read Latin! I love the information and history you provide for me, as well as information on where our English words come from. It's so exciting to be able to read...

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