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Tip of the Week #239: Expedition Bible

I woke up super early this morning, and just couldn’t go back to sleep.  I am sure you know what that’s like. Naturally, I spent some time binge watching archaeology videos on YouTube.  It’s what we all do when we can’t sleep. I want to share with you my new favorite...

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Romance and the Romance languages. Is there a connection?

I received this question: Is there any Etymology connection between the word 'Romance' (Implying Love) and 'Romance' to Describe the Romance Languages? Or is it just a co-incidence that these two words are spelled and pronounced the same?   Here is my reply:...

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Tip of the Week #238: How to pack light for a trip

You are familiar with hibernating.  Hiberna, in Latin, means winter quarters.  Military term.  When animals hibernate, they go into “winter quarters”. The Latin word for summer is aestas.  From aestas, English gets the word aestivate. Aestivating is the same as...

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