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Tip of the Week# 259: Save Money With Ibotta

This tip is for the moms out there.  My wife, Gretchen wrote it.  She gave me the week off.  Heh.  Here she is: ______________________________________________ How grateful I am that we no longer have to watch every dime spent and be painfully rigid with our spending,...

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Test out of College Classes

I receive emails from Modern States.  They recently highlighted a student who went back to college after taking some time off.  Robert Ayres describes his experience here. As you probably know, you can test out of some college courses by taking CLEP exams.   In case...

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Word of the Day #53: Beef

In a Latin class today, my students and I looked at the Roman word for cow, bos.  Latin adds its complicated endings to the root of this word, bov.  From this root, English derives the word bovine.  Something bovine relates to cows.  English even uses bovine as an...

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