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More technical problems

Good morning, everyone. Once again, I am locked out of my own webinar this morning.   Working on the problem right now.  I am sorry.  Sigh. Update: Okay.  I think I figured it out.  We will start with Italian today... in about 10 minutes. 6:02... well, I guess I was...

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Technical problems.

For those of you in the Italian class... the system is not allowing me to begin class. Working on this right now. I apologize. Update:  For reasons I can't explain... the system has locked me out.  Sigh.  No Italian class this morning.  I am very sorry.  :-(...

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Which one? Latin, French, Spanish, or Italian? Find out here!

In the middle of the Christmas season, I know one question burns in your mind...  Is it better to learn Latin, or is it better to learn a modern Romance language like French, Spanish, or Italian? It's time to find out.  It's time to settle this. This Thursday...

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