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Letter of the week.

Slowly catching up on emails.  While crawling out from a mountain of correspondence, this made me happy:   "Thanks for offering all of your classes for such an affordable price.  I truly appreciate your generosity!  And your humor.  Some days you provide me a...

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Internet woes.

Sigh.  For those of you in my early morning classes, I am doing my best to get Go To Webinar to turn on right now.  But, alas.  No luck.  For reasons I cannot explain. I apologize. UPDATE: Okay... problem solved. The following classes are on: Italian 2 New Testament...

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Henle 2, test 2.

If you are bored the day before Thanksgiving and you want to look over a test for Henle 2 (because what could be more fun), then this is the post for you! This is still up for comment.  I will be posting it into the automated system in a few days. Feel free to check...

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