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I received this question: Would you please provide your input as far as having my children take the NLE this year? They are currently in your Henle Latin 1 class and although they cannot always attend your live sessions...they have been keeping pace right with the...

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Should I leave French for Latin?

I received this question: Good evening!  I heard about your classes through a friend who's daughter is using your recorded classes.  I have a daughter who is a sophomore and struggling through an online French year 2 class.  My husband and I cannot help her b/c we...

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The invention of the Greek circumflex.

This is more for me than for anyone else. I find the accent marks in Greek and Latin frustrating. I have been studying both languages for over 20 years.  The accent marks in both languages have helped me exactly not at all.  But, they have been a great hindrance and a...

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