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“You have superpowers. I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!” -Kimberly

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Cancelling for the summer? Read this first…

Most of my students stay with me for three years. Students will typically take Latin 1, 2 and 3 before moving on. At $25 a month, that's $300 a year.  Remember,  That's access to every class I teach for $300.  That's $300 for the entire family.  This is not a per...

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Henle Latin during the summer?

I received this question: My kids are doing Classical Conversations and I am very interested in this program.  Will this program follow the Henley along with the CC program?  Also, is there a summer program or a way to start the program in the summer? Here is my...

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Pretty cool

If you are tired of the boring textbook, and you need a break, this might help:

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