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Word Up: Live and “Adumbrate”

Ran across an interesting quote this morning during Word Up: Live! quoted Lauren Collins from an article in the New Yorker. "More than any juice cleanse or lottery win or career switch, a foreign language adumbrates a vision of a parallel life."  -...

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Go long, Hermann!

I've been reading The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. Today I came across this quote.  Gibbon is describing the Barbaric tribes far north of the Roman Empire.  Well, at least I think is.  I suppose it was possible that he was predicting modern...

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Henle Latin again.

I received this comment: I’m looking for some help with my Latin study. I am a first year Classical Conversations Challenge B tutor. We are using Henle 1. This is my first year tutoring and also learning Latin. I’m not finding Henle very user-friendly for someone...

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