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Hi, guys.

As many of you know, my site was attacked on Friday. It’s been 18 hour days for me ever since.

Now my students are denied access when they try to log in. I am doing every thing I can and will continue to do so.

I sincerely apologize for this.

An army of one

This is less a tip of the week, and more an apology.

Back when I started my site, I didn’t have the money to hire anyone.  So, I designed my site myself.  You can probably tell just by looking at it.

I set out to design a beautiful, sleek, muscular stallion.  Instead, I ended up designing a camel.  Not a pretty camel either.  Wait… are there pretty camels?

Anyway, I now have camel of a website.  It’s ugly.  But, I built it alone, and I alone know how to ride it.

From time to time, someone will offer to re-build my website for me.  I can now afford to purchase a stallion.  These web designers promise to deliver a stallion.

But, in my experience, many of these web designers simply take camels, slap a saddle on the camel, and announce… “ta-dah!  Now you have a stallion!”  Or, worse, they take the camel, kill the camel, can’t find a stallion and then ask, “Will you be paying by check, or with cash?”

So, I plod along, learning as I go.

Unfortunately, I run into trouble sometimes.  I am an army of one.  It takes me a while to fix things.

Yesterday, a hacker invaded my site and sent some semi-inappropriate messages to many of my students.  Don’t you love it when you are trying to build something to improve the world in a small way, and then, some selfish moron comes over to burn the whole thing down?

Thankfully, the problem is solved now.  It only took me about 15 hours to fix.  And, the good people of WP Engine are back at work on it again today.

Sometimes, I suppose the best thing to do is laugh.  Yesterday, as my students waited for me to solve the problem, I posted a video on my site to keep them happy.  I needed some cheering up yesterday.  This video did the trick.  Maybe it will make you happy as well.

Have a Happy (seagull free) Saturday!
Dwane Thomas

Ignore Lucy…

Hi, Everyone!

It looks like someone tried to hack my site this morning.

My site is secured by WP Engine.  You can check them out here:

WP Engine and I have been working on this issue since early this morning.

I have temporarily closed down all forums.  I have also closed down all registration.  There is currently no way to log in to my site.

Students, I am afraid this means you cannot access the “member’s only” section today.

If you get a message from “Lucy Pat” ignore it and delete it. DO NOT respond to it.  I don’t know anyone named Lucy Pat.  IGNORE IT.  DELETE IT.

There now appears to be someone named Lilly Adams requesting friends on my site. IGNORE IT.  DELETE IT.

For those getting these messages from my site, I sincerely apologize.

While you wait for me to fix my site, please enjoy the following video:

Why Lingua Latina?

Earlier this year, this was posted on my site.  I couldn’t have said it better:

As a recovering Henle student, I also encourage the Lingua Latina book. My sons and I switched over to Lingua Latina after one year of tedious struggle with Henle.

Lingua Latina is not easy. It’s still a struggle and demands a lot of time, but I think it’s the closest thing to learning Latin by submersion without being dropped into a foreign country. (Of course, that isn’t even possible with Latin.)

I speak another language fluently enough that I used to write translations for the UN. I didn’t learn it by first memorizing charts and endings. It’s all about hearing patterns, learning vocabulary in context and then mimicking.  Think of how a child learns to speak. “Jane eat. Mama eat. She eat.”

A child doesn’t begin speaking with correct conjugations. That comes literally years later when the ear tunes into the refinements of the patterns heard. I just wish there were Lingua Latina books for learning every language!