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None shall pass.

I received this cry for help:

I am trying to join the forum and it is not intuitive on your site. I’ve done a search and it you posted a students reply about “making an account in the blog” but under the blog tab there is nothing about making an account. I have gone all over your site and cannot find any links to gaining permission to a forum. Please help!

Here is my reply:

I am more of a Latin and Greek teacher than a web designer.  However, since I was broke when I started teaching online I built the entire site myself.  Which… is why it looks like it does.   I built an ugly horse, but I know how to ride it.  Heh.
As for the forums, you did the right thing.  You contacted me.  After I was hacked in February, I refuse to allow anyone into the forums without my personal permission.
Just updated your account.  You are good to go.
You now have access to the forums.  Feel free to try them out.  You may find that other students will be able to respond to some of your questions faster than I.

Just in case you were wondering.

I am willing to bet some of you woke up this morning wondering, “What is a hapax legomenon?”

Fortunately, you subscribe to my blog.  And, fortunately, a word loving friend of mine sent this article to me this morning.

And, so, fortunately for you… you no longer have to worry.  You can now find out what a hapax legomenon is.


Last year, when I was grading my students’ work, I would get this response from time to time.

I don’t know.

Here is my standard reply:

IDK.  If ever you encounter questions you cannot answer, check the “Student Answers” section under the “Members” tab of my site….  -5
Other students have gone before you.  Others have also struggled.  I have held on to their answers and I have held on to my responses to their answers.
Do some research.  Check out the Members tab of my site.  Pick your course.  Look for “Student Answers”.  Compare your work to theirs.
If you are really stuck, seek help in the forums.  Interact with others.

How to tick me off.

I spent twenty years in the classroom.  What a silly place.

And, I hate the word silly.  I never use it.  Unless I am looking at academia.

In school, we punish kids for failing.

In life, we learn by failing.

One of my favorite quotes is by Richard Branson, founder of Virgin airlines:

“You don’t learn to walk by following the rules.  You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

In school, we are taught the exact opposite.  We are taught to follow rules.  Line up.  Sit down.  Raise your hand.  Be quiet.  Finish your paperwork (homework).  Turn in your papers (homework).

Education needs a reminder.  Here’s one from Theodore Roosevelt

“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

Want to tick me off?  Just tell me to line up.  Tell me to sit down.  Tell me to raise my hand.  Tell me to be quiet.  Tell me to turn in my paperwork.  Tell me not to fail.

I no longer want to be popular.

I received this email:

Your classes…  I’d like to promote them… 

Is there an affiliate link I may use?  (I’m a Visual Latin affiliate.)

And, can folks try the classes for a month and then cancel if necessary?Thanks!

Here is my reply:

Yes.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.  No penalties.  

Now, brace yourself for the weirdest request ever…

Please don’t promote my classes.  Heh.  

I am only slightly kidding.  I am overwhelmed.  Not sure how much more popularity I can take.  

Promote Visual Latin all you like.  

I do not make these up. Promise.

Still trying to catch up on emails.  This one made me very happy!

“As I’ve told you many times, you made Latin possible for this home schooled family!  When my daughter requested to study Latin, I was so against it.  I made her study Spanish.  With no interest, it didn’t go well.  Eventually, I had to give in. 

I began disastrously with Wheelock..and then found you.  We did VL together.  After a while, we came to feel  “A day without Dwayne, is like a day without sunshine!” 

– Joy