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I received this question:

To subscribe to Henle Latin 2, must I pay $25 for three years? That’s how I interpret the section on subscriptions.

Here is my reply:


Nope.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.  Most of my students stay with me for three or four years.  After the third year (if you stick around), your payments simply end… but, your subscription doesn’t.

By the way, I only charge per family.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach (currently 10). It also grants access to all of the previous class on my site (currently around 700 classes).

This will help explain my thinking: 

Have a happy Tuesday!


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These questions… again.

I received these questions:

How many weeks is your class? (Does it somewhat correspond to the CC 30-week plan)? Do you assign homework and do you collect it/grade it? Will the homework correspond at all to the CC 30 week Latin I (Challenge I) curriculum?

And just to be sure, he will be able to watch the lecture after it has broadcast live? (which is around 0700 PST on Wed I think).

And one final question, besides the lectures, what other materials will he have access to with the subscription?


Here is my reply:

Continue reading These questions… again.

Follow the title.

I received this question:

Perfect – Ok so from reading your Q&A it sounds like keep my Henle kid in Henle 2 – and once she completes that she will have 3 years of Latin?

Here is my reply:

Slowly catching up.  Yes.  As best I can tell, it seems most schools treat Henle 1 as Intro to Latin, Latin 1, and Latin 2. 

Henle 2 is treated as Latin 3. 

It’s confusing. 

I prefer to go with the names of the book.

Latin 1 = First Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 2 = Second Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 3 = Third Year Latin by Robert Henle

Have a happy Friday!

This applies to many of my students…

I realized after I read your email that I needed to streamline.  If you are confused, many people are confused.  So, I have begun the process of cleaning up my site. I want everything to be crystal-clear to my students.  
In the past, I left old classes up in case students needed to go back and watch them.  Now, I will simply post the most current class and delete the others.  This will eliminate some of the confusion.
I also sent a separate syllabus in the past.   But, this meant that students had to go to the syllabus, then go to my site.  Now, I have updated my site so that the homework instructions will be included at the beginning of each lesson.
For example, this is from lesson one:

Work outside of class will basically be the same every week.

That’s it!  Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to learn Latin.  Thousands of others have done it.  You can, too.


I have also made it clear that many of the extra videos on my site are just that.  They are extra.  They are optional.  They are not required.
The homework assignment, like the one you see above, will rarely change.  The content will change, but the structure will not.

How to get into the live classes…

When you receive a receipt from my site, be sure to click on the blue SUBSCRIPTION link in the receipt.

When the file downloads, open the file.  There you will find the links to the live classes.

Access to the previous classes on my site is a different registration.  That registration requires help from me.  I am currently behind.  I will make sure everyone is registered soon.

But, you do not need me to register for the live classes.

It has come to this…


When you join a class, you should receive a link to a PDF.  Inside that PDF are the links to the live classes.  PLEASE verify that you have those before emailing me.  I may not be able to respond to you for days.

The name of the link is SUBSCRIPTION.  It is a blue link.

Tim Ferris, of Four-Hour Work Week Fame, has this note at the end of all of his emails:


After putting it off for years, I am going to have to take the same action.  I spent about 12 hours yesterday answering emails, and I am still not able to catch up.

I have to face the truth.  I can’t keep up.

I will also begin closing access to my classes.  At the end of this week, enrollment will end.  I am very sorry.  This is not something I wanted to do.  I no longer feel I have a choice.