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It is strange to write what I am about to write.  After all, my site is dedicated to Greek and Latin.  You wouldn’t think that I would have much to do all day, actually.  But, I am sad to say, my resources have been stretched to capacity.

And this has had consequences.  Somehow I am constantly flooded new student registrations, account openings and support requests.  This is causing severe delays. Though I keep trying to jumpstart my work on Facebook and on my site forums, I have had to limit most of my communication to email and customer support.

Although I am trying to move quickly to help everyone as quickly as I can, my task is difficult.  I just cannot seem to keep up. For this reason, I am asking for your continued patience and understanding.

Now that the holidays are over, I am working hard to catch up.  Every single forum post and email will be checked and answered, I can assure you of that.

Over the holidays, the learning management system tweaked their product.  I am sure they were trying to make things easier.  They made things worse.  Before Christmas, adding new students to a course was a two-step process.  It is now a six-step process.  It is so slow and so infuriating that I actually contemplated shutting my site down.

Then, my wife reminded me that we have bills to pay.

Thanks so much to all of you who have reached out to me with positive feedback.  I really appreciate it.  And I really appreciate your patience and understanding as I get back on top of things – it means a lot to me.

I hope you are having a very happy 2018!
Dwane Thomas

Why would you cancel?

There is a glitch in my system.

Sometimes, when customers cancel, they are still charged.  The solution is simple.  Just contact me to let me know that you have canceled and I will double check your account.  I will make sure your account is canceled.

But, while we are on the subject… why would you cancel?

Remember, a subscription to my site gives you access to every class I teach.  Currently, that is 8 live classes.

Not only that, you also gain access to all of the other classes I have taught in the past.  Altogether there are about 1,000 videos on my site.

Also, remember that a subscription to my site cancels after three years.  Payments cancel, that is.  If you stick around for three uninterrupted years, you will have access to everything I teach as long as I teach online.  I have been teaching for over 20 years now, and have been online for seven.  I see no reason to stop.

I have been advised to change this plan, and honestly, I am considering it.

This plan has been in place for a year, and it has made my life a little easier.  Instead of focusing on customer service and payments, I can focus more on Latin, Greek and Italian.  Thinking about adding Spanish and French soon.

But, as I said, I have been advised to change my plan.  It isn’t financially feasible, I have been told.  I am considering changing it.  But until I do, the offer still stands.

Subscribe for $25 a month for three uninterrupted years (In other words, don’t cancel during the summer), and you will have access to everything I teach for as long as I teach online.

Shop around.  As they say in The Princess Bride, I doubt you will get such an offer from the eels.

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First Year Latin by Robert Henle versus Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.

I received this question:

Here’s a question that you might not have time to address, although I would say you are qualified. Which Latin curriculum do you prefer? Although we have been doing Henle for three years, I find it does not offer enough instruction for either me or my son to fully grasp the material. I saw you offer Lingua Latina and Roma Aeterna (so?)courses, and wonder how those stack up to Henle Latin.

Here is my reply:

I was actually writing an e-book/e-report on this last month but was derailed by Thanksgiving.  Not sure when I will get back to it.

There is nothing like Lingua Latina and Roma Aeterna.  I have never encountered a language series so thorough.  For example, First Year Latin by Robert Henle teaches students 497 words.  Much of them gruesome.  Lingua Latina teaches students almost 2,000 words.

As best I can tell, once you know about 3,000 words, you are approaching fluency in a language.

Lingua Latina comes close.  First Year Latin by Robert Henle falls far short.

It’s simply a numbers game.

Unfortunately, Lingua Latina contains no English instruction.  It is designed to be used worldwide, not just by English speakers.  In fact, my Greek tutor in Athens, who spoke broken English, was able to explain grammatical concepts to me in Latin.  He had learned Latin from Lingua Latina.  Common ground for us both.

The fact that the book contains no English instruction deters many students, I am afraid.  Fortunately, the two books can easily be used together.  Learn Latin grammar from First Year Latin by Robert Henle, any other Latin grammar book, or, Visual Latin and then use Lingua Latina as a reader.  This is a powerful combination.


I received this question:

To subscribe to Henle Latin 2, must I pay $25 for three years? That’s how I interpret the section on subscriptions.

Here is my reply:


Nope.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.  Most of my students stay with me for three or four years.  After the third year (if you stick around), your payments simply end… but, your subscription doesn’t.

By the way, I only charge per family.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach (currently 10). It also grants access to all of the previous class on my site (currently around 700 classes).

This will help explain my thinking: 

Have a happy Tuesday!


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These questions… again.

I received these questions:

How many weeks is your class? (Does it somewhat correspond to the CC 30-week plan)? Do you assign homework and do you collect it/grade it? Will the homework correspond at all to the CC 30 week Latin I (Challenge I) curriculum?

And just to be sure, he will be able to watch the lecture after it has broadcast live? (which is around 0700 PST on Wed I think).

And one final question, besides the lectures, what other materials will he have access to with the subscription?


Here is my reply:

Continue reading These questions… again.

Follow the title.

I received this question:

Perfect – Ok so from reading your Q&A it sounds like keep my Henle kid in Henle 2 – and once she completes that she will have 3 years of Latin?

Here is my reply:

Slowly catching up.  Yes.  As best I can tell, it seems most schools treat Henle 1 as Intro to Latin, Latin 1, and Latin 2. 

Henle 2 is treated as Latin 3. 

It’s confusing. 

I prefer to go with the names of the book.

Latin 1 = First Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 2 = Second Year Latin by Robert Henle

Latin 3 = Third Year Latin by Robert Henle

Have a happy Friday!

This applies to many of my students…

I realized after I read your email that I needed to streamline.  If you are confused, many people are confused.  So, I have begun the process of cleaning up my site. I want everything to be crystal-clear to my students.  
In the past, I left old classes up in case students needed to go back and watch them.  Now, I will simply post the most current class and delete the others.  This will eliminate some of the confusion.
I also sent a separate syllabus in the past.   But, this meant that students had to go to the syllabus, then go to my site.  Now, I have updated my site so that the homework instructions will be included at the beginning of each lesson.
For example, this is from lesson one:

Work outside of class will basically be the same every week.

That’s it!  Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to learn Latin.  Thousands of others have done it.  You can, too.


I have also made it clear that many of the extra videos on my site are just that.  They are extra.  They are optional.  They are not required.
The homework assignment, like the one you see above, will rarely change.  The content will change, but the structure will not.