I’ll Teach Latin  (and Greek, French, Spanish and German) to All  of Your Children For One Monthly Price.  

“You have superpowers. I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin into lovers of Latin!” Kimberly

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I love learning languages.  I have been studying languages for over 30 years.  For me, languages are an addiction.   There are worse addictions, I suppose.

I study and teach Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, German, and sometimes Italian.  However, my specialty is Latin.   I’ve taught for decades. 

If you want to learn Latin, too, I can help!

On my site, you will learn Latin.  From beginning to advanced.

But, as a bonus, you will also learn Greek, German, French, Spanish, Italian, a good bit of English grammar.

You will also learn the roots of much of English vocabulary.

The point is, I teach a lot of classes.  Just can’t stop myself.  I love learning languages.  And, I am inviting you to join me.

There are over 3,000 videos on my site.

You will have access to all of them.

In fact, your entire family can join every class I teach online with one monthly subscription.

That’s correct.  Subscribe once and you will have access to every class I teach. 

Not only that, but all subscriptions are family subscriptions.  Everyone in the family is welcome to enroll for one monthly price.

Shop around.

Most online Latin courses cost $600 or more per student.

Got three kids? Great. You will be paying $1,800 this year for Latin.

$1,800 a year for Latin?  I know you have better things to do with your money.

On my site, I charge per family.

Got three kids? You will be paying $300 this year for Latin. Got six kids? $300.

Most online Latin courses are on a six or seven-year plan.

Please.  Do not spend seven years studying a language you will likely never speak.

Six years of Latin at $500 (average annual price of an online Latin class per child) equals $6,000!  That’s for one kid!

Got two kids? $12,000!

Got three kids? $18,000!  On second thought . . . perhaps I should charge per child.

I have an ambitious goal. I want your student to be able to read the New Testament in Latin in two years. It can be done. I have personally taught hundreds of students to read the New Testament within two years.

 If you spend two years in the Lingua Latina class, you should be able to read the New Testament in Latin by the end of the course.

Total cost? $600.

Got two kids? $600.

Got three kids? $600.

And, here’s something even better (for you)…

Stay Subscribed to my Site for Three Uninterrupted Years and my Site Will Automatically Stop Charging You.

You will have a Lifetime subscription to my site.

You will have a Lifetime subscription to all the classes I teach… for yourself and for all of your kids!

I should warn you, though.  These online classes are not easy.

For this reason, I have a few recommendations.

If you have never studied Latin… you might want to first take my video course Visual Latin from Compass Classroom.

(Sorry, Visual Latin is not included with a subscription to my site.)

Or, I you might consider learning Italian, Spanish, or French first.

Latin is a very difficult language to master.

Visual Latin, Italian, Spanish, or French will pave the way for the Latin classes I offer.

If you are up for a challenge, and if you want to read the New Testament in Latin (or in Greek, French, Spanish, German or Italian), then by all means, join me.

Remember, I do not charge per class. 

You will have access to each and every class you see below!

You Get Full Access to ALL of These Latin Classes

  • Latin 1: Henle
  • Latin 1: Lingua Latina, chapters 1-19
  • Latin 2: Henle
  • Latin 2: Lingua Latina, chapters 20-34
  • Latin 3: Henle
  • National Latin Exam
  • Roma Aeterna
  • Latin Endings

PLUS Free Bonus Classes!

  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English Grammar
  • New Testament Greek

What Others Are Saying

(Read even more by clicking here: Kudos.)

“I had some amazing Latin teachers over the years but no one can compare to your easy-going style. I am so glad that I happened onto your website several years ago. Keep up the great work!” Tricia

“I can’t scream loud enough about this man! My dad had a horrible teacher for Latin and turned her completely off Latin, foreign languages, and anyone except mom teaching her anything – ever! It took me over a month to talk her into trying him. Within 2 weeks she did a complete turnaround – within a month all I heard was Latin Latin Latin (But without tears this time).” Samantha

“I gladly recommend your classes to our Classical Conversations friends. Your teaching is so clear and FUN!” Amie

“I’m so grateful for your help and love your videos.  You are such a talented teacher and have helped me and my kids tremendously!”   Stacey

“My sons, my husband, and I are so very thankful for you!  You are a wonderful teacher and such an encouragement to us as my sons pursue their language study.” Julie

“I like to say that my daughter has done “school” any way that you can do school, from a traditional classroom setting and modules to various online courses and she is very adamant that you are one of, if not her best teacher!  She is challenged with the content but gains confidence from your energy and humor. When asked why she thinks you are such a good teacher, she will say that she can tell that you respect your students as individuals and that you really enjoy your subject.” Josephine 

“G. enjoys it so much and looks forward to class time and to doing her Latin work each day.  You have made her learning experience fun, challenging, and profitable.” Angel

“You have done a great job making Latin enjoyable. Even when I am struggling on a topic, I know that with your help, if I put enough effort into it, I can eventually understand it.” Amy

 “We love your classes. We have mainly done the recordings because of timing, but it has helped so much!” Kaylyn

“Your classes have been wonderful, and for the first time, Latin is actually making sense to me and both my children. I am so thankful for you and your resources. Thank you for all that you do because you are helping so many people. On our CC campus, people are continually saying how much you have helped them through Visual Latin and your other resources. I just wanted you to know that you are a blessing!” Kami

 “I really wanted to thank you for including so many different levels at the same price.” Maura