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On this site, I teach Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish and sometimes, Italian.  Anything but English, really.

Maybe I am just bitter.   I finished high school late… because I failed English grammar.

It’s okay.  No need to feel bad for me.  Later, I leveled up.  I understand English grammar now.  Still, I do not teach English on this site.

As I have studied other languages, though, I have discovered helpful resources for English.  Hopefully, these resources will help you.  They might even help you pass high school English grammar!

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I do not teach English literature, but a friend of mine does!

Check out the Time Travelers Literature Courses.  The course provides the opportunity for students to become time travelers, appreciating books in their own literary tradition, appreciating their time in history, and appreciating their culture.

Using a limited amount of reading, these courses give students time to read attentively, to understand, and to enjoy English literature.

Students will read and discuss great books together, learning how stories work, and how they connect with each other.

Find out more here: https://timetravelersliterature.com/

Want to know more?  Contact Esther through her site: https://timetravelersliterature.com/contact

Not sure?  Go here to see class offerings.  If you scroll down a bit, passing all the great courses she offers, you will see what parents and students are saying about Esther’s classes.  https://timetravelersliterature.com/course-offerings


Linked below, you will find some odds and ends I recommend.

You might not  recognize English if you had met it when it was young. 

If you have ever wanted to see what Old English looks like, and maybe even learn it… then, start here.

See my full review here: https://dwanethomas.com/the-rudiments-of-anglo-saxon/

One of my favorite books on writing.   I have listened to this as an audio book, and have read it in print.  Multiple times.  Well worth the time if you are learning to write.  This book is a classic.


I’ve read quite a few books on the origins of the English language.  This one is a classic.   If you are interested in the subject, start with The Adventure of English.   You can read my thoughts on the book here: https://dwanethomas.com/the-adventure-of-english/


Though somewhat dated now, this video series is the best overview of the history of English I have found.  If you are fascinated by the origins of the world’s most powerful language, watch this series.   You can watch it free on YouTube right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1XQx9pGGd0&list=PLbBvyau8q9v4hcgNYBp4LCyhMHSyq-lhe 

Diagramming English

In one of my online Latin classes, the First Year Henle Latin class, we take a grammatical approach to learning Latin. Unfortunately, there is simply never enough time to cover all that we need to cover.

With this in mind, I am launching a new Chalkboard series on YouTube. Called “Diagramming English,” this series will take you from the most basic sentence diagrams in English to the most advanced diagrams. After diagramming the sentences, you will learn to translate the sentences into Latin.

It would make me happy if this series was useful to all English learners, not just Latin learners.  In fact, you do not even need to know Latin to benefit.

How to Diagram a Subject and Verb
How to Diagram Direct Objects
How to Diagram Possessive Prepositional Phrases
How to Diagram Indirect Objects or the Dative Case
How to Diagram Predicate Nominatives
How to Diagram a Prepositional Phrase
How to Diagram Subordinating Conjunctions
Diagraming English, Henle Lesson 47 
 More Indirect Objects: Henle Latin 19:10 and 20:2