This volume contains chapters 1 – 18.  I have looked high and low for language courses similar to the famous Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  For Italian, this is it!  This series begins with very simple Italian and takes students all the way to the history of Italy… in Italian!  This is the best Italian reading course I have been able to find. 

This volume contains chapters 19-35.  L’italiano secondo il metodo natura is, in part, the story of a summer adventure in Italy.  The story and the adventures continue in Volume 2.

Volume 3 picks the story up in chapter 36 and continues until the end of the book in chapter 50.  This volume focuses mainly on Italian history.  By the end of this series, studnets will understand all of the major points of Italian grammar and will possess a powerful Italian vocabulary.  From this point forward, students can simply focus on reading and speaking the beautiful Italian language!

I read as much as I can in Italian.  But, reading can only go so far.  To speak the language, you are going to need something to imitate.  This is one of the best recordings I have found to imitate as I continue to learn this beautiful language.  

Here is another way to learn and practice Italian.  This guy is high energy.  He’s a lot of fun.  He uploads lots of free Italian resources and instructional videos.  Italy Made Easy is a great place to go to learn Italian grammar, vocabulary, culture, and pronunciation!

I’ve been listening to the Coffee Break series for years.  Italian, Spanish, French, German and more.  This is a really impressive, professionally developed and recorded product.  Their work is impressive.  I would simply start with the free podcasts and level up to a paid subscription only if you decide you really want to master the language.