Greek Resources

Learning Greek can be pretty tough. On this page, I will post all the help I can find. If you discover any useful websites or links, feel free to share them with the rest of us! Here are some to get you started:
DuoLingo has a great Greek course for beginners! If you are going through the Greek course in DuoLingo, you are going to need to learn to type in Greek.  This may help:
There is an online tutorial for John William White’s First Greek Book (published in 1896). It goes through the individual chapters of the text and has quizzes where the students can earn (or lose) “drachmas” as they go.

Learn Greek “from scratch” or review fundamentals with twenty-six “Learn Greek” video lectures, which are keyed to D.A. Black’s, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, 3rd e

A Whitaker’s Words for Greek. . . sort of . . . can be found here.

Pronunciation Help

You could hire your own native speaking tutor right here: 

Short on cash?  Perhaps these videos will help: