I suppose I could tell you that you will enjoy Visual Latin, Word Up, or the live online language classes… but, why not let others do it for me?

Here’s what others are saying…


You have Superpowers, I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!

– Kimberly


“Your site has been a tremendous help and I really appreciate all of your videos etc. Your style and perspective are needed in the CC community with Henle!”

– Erica


I wanted to pass on that my twins that are taking your Visual Latin class are LLLLOOOOVING it!!  They are 8 and have had Prima Latina and part of Latina Christiana before making the jump.  Latin has now gone from another subject to just get through to THEIR FAVORITE!!  Thanks so much for all of your effort and your jokes that keep us engaged!  🙂

– Maura


Once again, thank you so, so much for reading and grading these. It’s such an awesome experience learning Latin, and being immersed in the language. Couldn’t have asked for a better class!

– Sonya


Let me start by telling you how happy I am to have found your website!!  You have totally revolutionized the way we study Latin in my home. 🙂  This will be my 4thyear being a Challenge director for Classical Conversations, therefore 4 years of trying to diligently learn Latin in order to teach both my students in class and my 4 children at home.  Even though I actually enjoy learning Latin, it has been an uphill battle using Henle Latin.  But now that I have been watching (and re-watching) your videos I feel like it’s finally starting to truly make sense.  You have a remarkable teaching style…and it just clicks!!  Thank you!! 🙂

– Anita


Your classes have been wonderful, and for the first time Latin is actually making since to me and both my children. I am so thankful for you and your resources.

Thank you, again, for all that you do because you are helping so many people. On our CC campus people are continually saying how much you have helped them through Visual Latin and your other resources. I just wanted you to know that you are a blessing!

– Kami


“Thanks to taking your Latin courses our son has a 104% average in his Latin class and was invited to join the Latin team next year!

We truly believe in you and your program and want as many people as possible to benefit from it.

– Alma-Marie


Thank you!! As a Latin tutor help for CC, I love watching the Visual Latin videos…..it helps the medicine go down easier. 🙂

– Stephanie


You’re an AMAZING teacher!!!! I’m learning Latin alongside my son…

  – Karen


You. Have. No. Idea.

You are the BIGGEST answer to prayer!

You’re such a gifted teacher!! Please keep up the work you’re doing, Dwane! We are now excited about Latin!?

  – Ginny


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging comments that you send along with my son’s corrected homework.  He has worked very hard over the past couple weeks.  Since this is his first year of high school, the workload has dramatically increased and he is learning how to manage his time.  We have had many talks about putting in the effort the first time for better results.  Latin has been a tremendous boost to his self-confidence partly because he receives feedback from someone other than his mom!  You have a real gift.

  – Kim


Your course is really fun I’ve never really enjoyed Latin before. Now I’m excited to go to Latin class!

  – Catherine


By the way ~ we immensely enjoy your Visual Latin videos which are a huge help in our Latin studies.  My son is in the Classical Conversations Challenge A (7th grade) program which uses Henle Latin, and CC has some of your video clips in their website. You do a superb job of explaining the ins and outs of grammar and parsing (and oh yes, the different pronunciations!).  My son enjoys your style.  Thank you very much for all you are doing to make Latin (and other languages) accessible to the general population.

  – Maria


I highly recommend Dwane Thomas for Latin.  One of my children had him for several years and has done exceedingly well as have all her classmates.  Another child also studies with him and is on her 3rd year with him. 

He is a phenomenal teacher and has an amazing sense of humor which makes Latin fun for the student.  I can’t say enough about him.

– Candace 


I’ve meant to send this message for several weeks now.  Our son  is taking both your Latin 3 class and Greek I class.  He loves both!

His favorite subjects are these ancient languages.  He talks about Latin or Greek all the time.  He thinks you are a great teacher and enjoys learning so much!  Thank you!  Thank you!

  – Becky


 Thank you for utilizing your gifts to teach Latin.  I know my daughter emailed you this morning to express her gratitude and I must say it’s huge for her to have anything but dread and feelings of inadequacy with Latin!  There is something special about your style, and that has drawn her in.   

I tutor Challenge B and this is my first year to tutor the Latin strand, so I too am grateful for your entertaining and effective method of teaching. I hope to be like you when I grow up!

  – Dawn


When my mom read me something on your website, it said that it makes Latin fun… I could not imagine Latin being fun at the time!  I have taken two years of Henle Latin, let’s just say it has not be on my favorite subjects list! To be honest, some tears have been shed over not understanding ANYTHING!  A couple days ago, I was talking to my mom and said ” I can’t believe I am about to say this, but I LOVE Latin!!” 

All this to say, THANK YOU!!

  – Ruby


“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is loving your class and that is a huge relief to me!  The last few years she has hated Latin and in all honesty I hated doing it with her.  You have saved me so much frustration from grading and correcting and trying to figure out whether she’s doing it right and for that I am truly grateful!  And that now she actually is enjoying it…AMAZING!”

  – Stephanie (mother of an online student)


“I just wanted to thank you for being probably the best conceivable Latin teacher ever! You made a dead language come alive and helped me to really enjoy it. And I just love the witty way you put things- it makes me look forward every week to getting my homework back! Hope you get a good *week* of summer and see you next week starting a new year!”

  – an online student


“Here is a testimonial to the power of your Visual Latin combined with the pure enjoyment of Lingua Latina:  My 11yo son started Visual Latin 1 with us mid-May.  The only Latin he had taken before then was the CC Foundations memory work (M/F noun endings, 1st Conj verb endings, and John 1:1-7).  We watched your videos together and took your quizzes at a rate of one per day, then we read about half a chapter a day from Lingua Latina — and HE KEPT UP!  He really didn’t stumble until pronouns (Lesson 15-16)!  After we reached Lesson 20 at that pace we started over again and have completed through Lesson 26.  We’ll finish Visual Latin 1 this week or next — a whole year of high school Latin in ONE SUMMER — and he’s just turned 12!”

  – Julie


Thanks again for all you did to encourage enthusiasm for Latin this year.  It was her happiest Latin year yet!

  – Angel


“If you want your child to make a good start in Latin we recommend this curriculum. Dwane is a fantastic teacher, with a great sense of humor, my son enjoys the Visual Latin lessons and finds them easy and entertaining. As a language teacher, I know how difficult can be motivating the students, Dwane has a gift. The lessons are interesting and seeing the proud face of your child after his first independent translation is invaluable!”

  – A.Z.


“It’s been a great class! Thanks again for teaching so well. I took 1 year of Latin before ever taking any of your classes with a book called Latin’s Not So Tough and that nearly scarred me for life. Your classes have really made me love the language.” 

  – Abigail


“Count us among some of your biggest fans!  My boys love Visual Latin!  They love Word Up!, too!  

Your teaching style and sense of humor reaches my boys, grabs their attention, and keeps them riveted.  Great job!!

  – Jen


“Of course, your winning personality and humor won me over immediately when I first found your VL program online. The bite size portions and the start-reading-now approach is brilliant in making the learning so interesting and accessible, right from the get-go. But the kicker is the Vulgate. God’s word is His primary source of communication with us as believers and to begin pouring His word (and His Word) into the hearts and minds of young people (not me – I already told you I’m old) is beyond commendable. The countless hours you have spent bending your will to learn these languages and then turn around and share them through the word makes your life a well-spent life, brother. (Proverbs 25:28)”

  – Craig


“Thank you again for teaching Latin! It’s been such a relief and pleasure to see how much my daughter loves Latin and languages now. And I didn’t have to teach it!! Seriously, your class and teaching style has been a huge gift to me and to her. Thank you!”

  – Sandy


“Thank you so much for class and for your dedicated, patient, yet fun teaching style. I have really thrived in this class. I also really enjoy it, some times my mother walks by wondering what I could possibly be laughing at in a Latin class.

Thank you lots. I appreciate your hard work to teach students one of the most interesting languages on the planet, even though it may be dead.”

– Grace


“Your Latin teaching videos are fabulous and  I have fallen in love your teaching!

I was able to have a look at the enormous list of videos.

I’m impressed indeed!  How much energy and how many years must have gone into producing them all!!

I’ve finished viewing the first video and here again I’m astonished at the well-organized teaching method.

I’m thinking of joining Live Online Lingua Latina Class in the near future, but first of all I had better buy the textbook Lingua Latina.  Your introduction and explanation of the structure of the textbook in the video 1 has convinced me that I should buy a copy.”

– Hideo


“I’m reading your book, Via, and I’m very impressed. It is a wonderful life-help book and not just for languages. I’ve never been a very disciplined person, so it will take lots of baby steps; however, your book gives me hope for change. I’m going to have my husband read it in addition to my daughter.”

– Dawn


“Today, as I finished reading your book, I realized a big part of what had been missing for me in my Latin study.  Your book has assured me that I am doing a few things right – I have some good tools collected, but I need a more specific goal and a better plan.  Your book IS a training plan for Latin, just like those marathon training plans I copied from experienced runners.  What you have created is an important work!  It has implications beyond language study.

I am excited about your book.  I know how much it is going to help me and others like me.  People who really want to become fluent, but who have become frustrated by a lack of direction.  I can’t wait to recommend your book to friends.”

– Mary


(Praise for Via)

“Love it. 

Challenged & inspired by it… For Latin, but definitely regarding other endeavors. 

Can’t wait to have my teen boys read it.  

Favorite humorous quote (from you) so far in the book: ‘As the Mayans taught us, if you don’t finish your work, it’s not the end of the world.’ Love it.”

– Alison


Dear Dwane,

“My kids and I absolutely love your Visual Latin course.  We are 12 weeks into Visual Latin I and it is one of the kid’s favorite classes.  I am quite certain that any foreign language course you make, my children will want to take.  I am excited to see all of the resources you have available and to find this website of yours to learn even more. Thank you for being such a great teacher for my children and for me.”

– Ashley


Hi Dwane,

“I like to say that my daughter has done ‘school’ any way that you can do school, from a traditional classroom setting and modules to various online courses and she is very adamant that you are one of, if not her best teacher!  She is challenged with the content but gains confidence from your energy and humor.  When asked why she thinks you are such a good teacher, she will say that she can tell that you respect your students as individuals and that you really enjoy your subject.”  



Hi Dwane,

“I want to thank you for a wonderful Latin class.  My daughter enjoys it so much and looks forward to class time and to doing her Latin work each day.  You have made her learning experience fun, challenging, and profitable.

So grateful!

Have a very Merry Christmas!”


– Angel


“Wow!  An email from  THE Dwayne!

Thanks so much for your help! We love your Visual Latin program. I use it with my kids 14, 11 and 6. I love your humor and the kids think that makes me corny! The kids memorized and recited The Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles Creed on Christmas Day which totally impressed the relatives! Also we will be starting the new Word Up series in two weeks at their request.

Thanks for creating programing that makes homeschooling a little more fun and a whole lot easier on me! It’s a huge blessing!

Keep up the good work!”

– Kendra


“Just a quick background, to let you know how much your program is appreciated: I have a 14yo who basically doesn’t want to do anything. Anything. Except eat. And do his Latin.  I promise, this was not the case with First Form Latin, nor Latin’s Not So Tough. He enjoys your lessons and generally feels empowered to actually read Latin.

Again, I appreciate you for getting back so quickly, but mostly I appreciate your humor, depth, style & method of delivery that make this subject matter so engaging! It is the most enjoyable part of our homeschool day.”

– Patricia


“How many classes have your kids laughing out loud? Visual Latin with Dwane Thomas has made learning Latin fun for my family. My sons actually look forward to Latin class.

They often bring me their Latin papers giggling because of some funny question or answer choice. I really appreciate the joy that has been added to what could have been (and usually is) a dry curriculum.”

– anonymous


“G. enjoys it so much and looks forward to class time and to doing her Latin work each day.  You have made her learning experience fun, challenging, and profitable.”

– Angel


“I’m really surprised at the way you teach Latin.  Your magic wand makes the “dead” language so alive and approchable that I always feel as if I were learning present-day French or German.  Your, and the texbook’s, way, for that matter, of repeating indefatigably the basic and most essential parts of grammar is admirable, for I know, from my own life-long experience of learning and teaching English, that there is no shortcut for leaning foreign languages other than repetition and memorization.

But, as everyone knows, repetition and memorization are usually tedious and tiresome, which you make miraculously enjoyable and relaxing.  Your casual way of explanation has a great deal to do with that class atmosphere, no doubt.”

– Hideo


Thank you for the help. I appreciate your time and effort. We are down to homeschooling our last 3 (out of nine) kiddos and this is the first foreign language course we have enjoyed using.

– Chris

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