People are often confused by all that I offer.  I get that.  It’s confusing.

Here’s what’s going on.

Visual Latin is a professionally filmed series.  I do not personally sell it.  It is available here from Compass Classroom.

Once they have completed Visual Latin many of my students want to further their Latin studies.  That’s where this site comes in.

Over the years, I have taken students through several Latin books.  Lingua Latina, or First Year LatinSecond Year Latin by Robert Henle.  These days, my students and I are working our way through a French book, a Spanish book, Lingua Latina (again), the Lingua Latina exercise book and, quite possibly the most boring book I’ve ever read in my life, Third Year Latin by Robert Henle.

The live class schedule is here:

I am still teaching myself French and Spanish.  I “teach” those languages on my site as well.  Really, students are simply welcome to join me and follow along as I publicly learn these languages.

I try to keep the classes fun, and rigorous. But, these classes are not professionally filmed.  They are LIVE classes.  For the most part, students are simply watching the screen while I explain the difficult concepts in the books.

Students are free to ask us questions during class.  They are also free to contact me after class if they have further questions.   And, there are forums where students can interact with each other 24/7.

Of course, you don’t even have to come to class.

I record every class I teach and only take them down when I am updating them.  I have quite a few students who use the previous classes only.  In fact, many prefer this as they can move at their own rate.  Students are always welcome to contact me if they have any questions.

Maybe the best thing about watching class later is this.  You can watch classat higher speeds.  Just click on the “gear” symbol in the lower right hand corner of any video.

Here are some examples of what class is like:

This is a class from the book First Year Latin by Robert Henle



I also provide extra videos to help with the exercises.



Since Henle Latin requires students to diagram sentences, I filmed a short series on diagramming.  Here is lesson one:



This is a class from the book Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.




By the way, I only charge per family.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach. It also grants access to all of the previous classes on my site.

Best of all, if you stay subscribed for 36 uninterrupted months, your payments will end… but, your subscription will not end.  You will have a lifetime subscription!

Oh, and once you are in… here’s how to use my site:


Want to join?  Just click here:

I also “teach” Spanish and French.  Really, I am just learning in front of my students.

Here is an example of the Spanish “class”.


And, here is an example from the French class.


Want to join a class (or, all of them)?  Click here: