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I have to cancel some classes.

I hate canceling classes.  Hate.  Hate.  Hate.  Double hate.  Loathe entirely.

That said, I have to cancel two classes this Thursday.  Appointment.

So… Italian and Greek.  Both classes are canceled.

Unless… you want to get up early.  If enough of you are interested, I will move both classes back three hours.  Italian will start at 6 central time zone, and Greek will start at 7 central time zone.

Email me.  Let me know.  If earlier works for you, I will teach the class.  If not, I will cancel.

Incidentally, I am working on next year’s schedule.  I am considering moving all of my classes drastically.   I may move them to the extreme mornings, or I may move them to the evenings.   Looking for some feedback.

What do you think, guys?




Two new “classes”.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in class to cover it all.

This has been a major problem with Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.  There just isn’t always enough time for the readings he assigns.

So, on Monday’s (until May) we are going to gather to read Caesar’s Gallic Wars together.  We will focus on the readings Mr. Henle assigns.  If you are in the Second Year Latin class, you do not have to come… but, you can come if you like.

Also on Mondays, I am going to pick up the “extra practice” classes I once taught for Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.   The last time I taught this class, we stopped in chapter 5.  We are going to pick it up in chapter 6.  Again, if you are in the class, this extra practice class is not required.  But… come if you like.

Sorry.  This is not open to the public.  Subscribers only.

As for the word of the day class I was teaching, I am not sure that is coming back.  I fell sick for days and lost my motivation completely.  It may be under the bed.

If you want the links to the Monday classes, just contact me.

YouTube shortcuts

Every Saturday, I send out a tip of the week.  I also include announcements, upcoming classes, and so on.  If you would like to hear from me every weekend, sign up for my weekly updates here:


You subscribe to my “tip of the week” and I appreciate that.  I really do.  It’s a small thing, but it means a lot to me.  In person, I am generally taciturn.  After twenty years in the classroom, and after twenty years of thinking on my feet, I find it relaxing to now think on paper.

So, thanks for listening.

Like you, I also subscribe to mailing lists.  I receive weekly emails too.  This week, Tim Ferris (of Four Hour Work Week fame) sent out a tech tip that I felt I just had to pass on to you guys.

It’s a simple thing, I know, but since I use YouTube to teach myself so much, it was kind of a huge thing for me.

Here goes.  Turns out, you can jump forward and backward on YouTube.

To go back 10 seconds, press J.
To pause, press K.
To jump forward 10 seconds press L.

Here’s a bit more from Tim:

“This might not seem like much, but it’s incredibly helpful when moving around in longer videos (or audio on YT) or trying to repeat what you just saw/heard, as clicking on the progress bar itself can lead to jumping around in 4-5-minute increments.”

So true.

This was a big moment for me this week.  I wanted to share my moment with you.  I hope you find it helpful.

By the way, I am still teaching a free, live etymology class every morning (except Sundays).

On Friday, I foolishly allowed the link to lapse.  If ever this happens again, check my blog, and the Visual Latin Facebook page.  I quickly posted the links there when I realized my mistake.

Anyway, here is the link for the next 30 days or so:…/5460760071755583747

The live class is available to anyone. Recordings, unfortunately, are only available to those who have subscribed to my site:

I hope your new year is off to a great start!


Good morning, everyone. Today in Word Up: Live! we looked at the word colloquy.

Colloquy: a conversation, a conference; a dialogue; especially a formal conversation.

Colloquy comes from the Latin word for conversation, colloquium. And, colloquium comes from the Latin prefix com, meaning “with” and from the Latin verb loquor, meaning “I speak”.

During our colloquy in class, we discovered the source of the word breviloquence.

90% of our multi-syllable words in English come from Latin. If you want to pour gasoline on your vocabulary building efforts, feel free to join us every morning (except Sundays). Class is free. Register here:…/5460760071755583747

Here is today’s episode:

Can I join the Greek class late?

I received this question:

I am a homeschool Mom looking to teach my children Greek. I found your website and see you have an amazing Latin program and we have completed Year 1 of Latina Christiana through Memoria Press. We have enjoyed it, but with Bible study we are finding Greek would be essential. My question is, do you have a Greek class currently? I was trying to navigate around the site and didn’t see anything specific. When I click on Greek on the tabs, it brings me to a search page. So I am sure I am doing something wrong.
If I join a monthly membership, will I have access to any Greek Lessons you have?

Here is my reply:


Sure! You could do that.

I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them.  I have quite a few students who use the previous classes only.  In fact, many prefer this as they can move at their own rate.  Students are always welcome to contact me if they have any questions.  

I only charge per family.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach. It also grants access to all of the previous class on my site.  Currently, there are 16 classes on my site, 8 of them live.  In total, there are over 700 hours of instruction.   

As for Greek, that is my current passion.  I have been to Greece twice to study and am returning again in May.  I am doing everything I can to master this language.  I am currently teaching Greek, but I mention my studies and above simply to inform you that I am still in the process of learning the language myself.  I am no expert in Greek, though I am heading in that direction.

I’m currently taking students through New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. Gresham Machen.  It is not an easy text.  But, it is concise and seems to get the job done.  Your kids are welcome to join in, but know that this is a seminary level textbook, and quite possibly a seminary level Greek class.   

That said, my goal is simple.  I want people to be able to read the New Testament and Greek by the time they finish this class. If that is what you want for your kids, then by all means, join us.  You can do so by clicking the blue button below: 

  • Billed once per month, 36 times

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It is strange to write what I am about to write.  After all, my site is dedicated to Greek and Latin.  You wouldn’t think that I would have much to do all day, actually.  But, I am sad to say, my resources have been stretched to capacity.

And this has had consequences.  Somehow I am constantly flooded new student registrations, account openings and support requests.  This is causing severe delays. Though I keep trying to jumpstart my work on Facebook and on my site forums, I have had to limit most of my communication to email and customer support.

Although I am trying to move quickly to help everyone as quickly as I can, my task is difficult.  I just cannot seem to keep up. For this reason, I am asking for your continued patience and understanding.

Now that the holidays are over, I am working hard to catch up.  Every single forum post and email will be checked and answered, I can assure you of that.

Over the holidays, the learning management system tweaked their product.  I am sure they were trying to make things easier.  They made things worse.  Before Christmas, adding new students to a course was a two-step process.  It is now a six-step process.  It is so slow and so infuriating that I actually contemplated shutting my site down.

Then, my wife reminded me that we have bills to pay.

Thanks so much to all of you who have reached out to me with positive feedback.  I really appreciate it.  And I really appreciate your patience and understanding as I get back on top of things – it means a lot to me.

I hope you are having a very happy 2018!
Dwane Thomas

Missed class?

Many of my students did not receive a link to today’s classes.  I am trying to figure out what went wrong.  I apologize.

Meanwhile, I am converting the classes right now and will be posting them in the member’s only section soon.

Here is a Christmas cookie while you wait.

Want to join a class?  Click the blue button below: 

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