Most of my students stay with me for three years.

Students will typically take Latin 1, 2 and 3 before moving on.

At $25 a month, that’s $300 a year.  Remember,  That’s access to every class I teach for $300.  That’s $300 for the entire family.  This is not a per student, per class price.

I have five children.  I am trying to educate them.  I know what it feels like to spend $500 each for each and every online class they take.  I know what it feels like.  It stinks.  I will not do that to you.

I have done the research for you.  Most online Latin providers are going to charge you quite a bit more.  Also, pay close attention to how long the process takes.

Here’s why I am not raising my prices for the 2019/2020 school-year.  (I have been advised to.  I’m not going to do it.)

You don’t need to learn Latin.

Neither do your kids.  You have met hundreds of happy people who didn’t study Latin.  Look around.  You know what I’m saying is true.  You do not have to learn Latin.  Life goes on without it.

I am simply not going to charge more for something you do not need.

Instead, I have found a way to reward those who stay with me the longest.  If you stay with me for three uninterrupted years, your payments will end.   It’s my way of saying “Thank you.”

Your subscription will not end.  Only the payments will end.  You and the rest of your kids can keep taking my classes for as long as you like, or for as long as I keep teaching Latin.  I’ve been doing this for 21 years and I see no reason to stop.

However, if you cancel during the summer, as many of my students do, you will have to start a new subscription each fall.

When you cancel, my site will delete your information.  When you come back in the fall, you will have to start a new account, new username, new password, and all of that.

My site, renews membership automatically.  This is designed to make the process easy for students and their families.  You do not have to go through the registration process every year.

If you cancel for the summer, you are going to have to go through the registration process again.  Again, this is because my site is going to delete your information.

It’s up to you.  Cancel for the summer if you like.  It really makes no difference to me.  However, if you decide to just let it run, I am going to reward you in the end.

Yes.  If you let your subscription run through the summer, you are going to be charged $25 a month.  But, remember, that is $300 a year to learn Latin, Greek, Italian, and soon, Spanish and French.

And, $300 a year is the most affordable price I have found for online Latin classes.

Wait. That isn’t true.  There is a more affordable option.

I offer lower-priced Latin classes.  If you can’t stomach the thought of paying $300 dollars a year for Latin, you could always go with Visual Latin.   Go here and pay $85.