I received this question:

How does your grading component work?

Here is my reply:

Ah. Grading.  That tends to be a major headache no matter where you go for help.

That would be one area where my site does stand out.  I have spent untold hours creating tests for my site.  Students take the tests, and my site automatically grades them.  You do nothing. 

If there is a course without tests on my site (and there are some), then students simply type their answers to specific assignments in the forums.  There, other students will interact with them, providing feedback, and I will personally check and grade their work. 

I am constantly in the process of creating more tests for my site.

There are complete tests for First Year Latin by Robert Henle, and Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Right now, I am working on tests for Second Year Latin by Robert Henle and for the French, Greek, and Italian courses.  It’s a slow, never ending process for me.  But, again, while students wait, I will check their work in the forums.

Essentially, my goal is to make sure YOU do not have to grade their work…. unless you want to.