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“You have superpowers!

I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!”  – Kimberly

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Tip of the Week #279:

I recently finished writing a book about working online.  I hope to show other teachers how to make a living online. While writing the book, I researched dozens of ways to make some extra money online. I have been earning my living online since 2011. After all this...

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Word of the Day #95: Pram

Pram: a stroller, a baby carriage, a small vehicle with four wheels designed for a baby to lie in while you push it around. I was born in England.  I remember stories of my mom pushing me around Bicester, England in a pram.  Back then, says my mom, the British moms...

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Word of the Day #94: Derange

My local French students and I (I am not fluent.  We are learning together.) have been watching the language learning series Extra. In Episode three, one of the characters uses the phrase ça ne me dérange pas, meaning, it doesn't bother me....

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