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Modern people can’t read this.

Someone suggested I put something funny on a t-shirt.  Something like, "Modern people can't read this"... in Latin. So, I did. I am using teespring to do this.  Looking for a lower cost alternative. But, for now, if you want t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of leggings...

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Visual Latin Errata, Lesson 12

I received this question: A question for Lesson 12: pg 46 #3 and #6 are both Venit to match to a plural and singular imperative. Wouldn't one of them need the -nt plural ending for the indicative to know which one is plural? Here is my reply:  Correct.  I have fixed...

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Where we are in the books: November 3 – 9

Reminder: There will be no classes on Tuesday, November 26 and Thursday, November 28.  There may be morning classes that week for anyone who wants to show up.  Maybe. ================================================= First Year Latin by Robert Henle In the early...

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