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Recent Blog Posts

Wifi troubles.

I tried to teach several classes this morning, but to no avail. I am going to attempt the Lingua Latina classes that start in a half hour, or so... but, no guarantees. I came out to the mountains of East Tennessee for a few days... and, just haven't had a lot of wifi...

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Well, shucks.

I am out in east Tennessee... in the mountains. Turns out, that's a problem.  The wifi isn't that great. So, I missed some classes this morning.  Going to try again tomorrow... but, no guarantees. No worries.  If it doesn't work, I will re-shoot the classes when I am...

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The Gallic Bore.

Every year, I take students through Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars.  We are back at it again. Before I say anything else, let me point something out... something that I point out all the time. The New Testament is under constant attack by scholars.  It withstands all...

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