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Which verb conjugation?

I received this question: I recently started Visual Latin lesson 40...and am very confused over the verbs and their conjugations. While I'm rather rusty on the endings, I could identify a verb if I had all four of the principal parts, and from there sort it into its...

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No classes March 7 – 11.

Guys, I am taking a very short spring break.   There will be no morning classes March 7 and 11.  In other words, no classes on Thursday and Friday of next week and no classes on the following Monday.  

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I received this question: Dear Mr. Thomas, I have been studying hard on the different tenses of verbs. These days, my Latin lessons have been filled with present tense, imperfect tense, perfect tense, future tense, the three participles, the supine... it's enough to...

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