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“You have superpowers. I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!” -Kimberly

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Just finished teaching the early morning etymology class.  Cancelled the rest of this morning's classes.  Thought I could teach sick, but can't.   The first class didn't go so well.  Back tomorrow.  I am sorry, guys.  Some sickness is running through everyone in my...

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Summer school?

I received this question: Do we still have access to the website to go back and work on chapters? We have enjoyed the class and will look forward to doing it again next year.   Here is my reply: Yep. There are quite a few things about my site people find hard to...

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Bored in school? Don’t despair.

I have followed Robert Kiyosaki for years.  I have read his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad many times.  And, I have played his game, Cashflow, more times than I can count. Like most people, I grew up with a negative view of the rich.  It was a story by Robert Kiyosaki that...

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