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        “You have superpowers. I know this because you can transform kids from haters of Latin to lovers of Latin!”    – Kimberly

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Should I start with Henle Latin, or Lingua Latina?

I received this question: Hi, confused over the statement for Lingua Latina, where it says 'postponed til we finish Henle Latin'.  Why on earth would finishing Henle Latin be a precursor to starting Lingua Latina?  I thought Lingua Latina stood on its own as the...

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Who wants to be a millionaire? Not me.

In his book, The Four-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris asks a question we should all ask ourselves as we work. The question goes something like this.  "Would you rather earn $50,000 a year, but set your own hours, and have plenty of free time?  Or. would you rather work 80...

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Lingua Latina survived

While searching for information on the long defunct Nature Method Language Institute, I ran across an old advertisement. At one time there were French, Spanish, English, Russian and Latin books in the series.   Only the Latin book, Lingua Latina, survived. I have...

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