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Losing my voice

Guys, I know I haven't posted here in forever.  Just trying to get in touch with all of my students. Just tried to teach my first class of the morning and my voice didn't make it.  Not my month, as it turns out.  It's been a rough one. I am cancelling all early...

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Where we are in the books these days (January 17, 2020)

Well... Happy New Year, everyone! I know I haven't posted at all in 2020. I haven't because... reasons.  How do I put this?  I just didn't start the new year with the motivation I usually have at the beginning of the year. Okay.  To the point. Here is where we are in...

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We’ve been fooled!

I have subscribed to Robert Kiyosaki's email list for years. I am a big fan of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  In fact, there is a standing offer in my house.  If my kids read the book and talk to me about it, I will give them $100. This morning, while catching up on...

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