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Recent Blog Posts

Spanish first. Latin later.

I received this question:  Good morning!  I am interested in your Visual Latin corse for my soon to be 10 year old son.  I have a few questions... How long does it typically take to complete VL 1 and 2?  Is Lingua Latina the next step after Visual Latin?  If so, how...

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Lingua Latina after Henle Latin… where do I start?

I received this question: I recently finished Henle 1 after three years, if i switch to Lingua Latinia which level should i start in?  Thanks! Here is my reply: Lingua Latina is a novel.  So, as bad as it sounds, you need to start over.  The book will not make sense...

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Some complaints about my classes… and my reply.

Last summer, I received some complaints about my online classes. There were basically three: I complained about Henle Latin. I skipped some of the small grammatical points in the book. My classes are too long. The author of the email wanted to know if the complaints...

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