I received this question:

    Hi Dwane.  I am a student in your First Year Latin by Robert Henle. When I started the year I was more than overwhelmed, but I have really liked your class and teaching style. This year I am for the most part understanding the class and the book, but when I do the homework I look up the definitions of EVERY word/ending. I am doing well with this system but over the summer I want to spend time memorizing the words and endings. In class, you “praise” Lingua Latina and I had a question about next year for you. What would you recommend I do?              

1 Stay with Henle Latin and do Year Two.

2 Switch to Lingua Latina and do Year Two.

3 Switch to Lingua Latina and do Year One.

      I really like your classes and teaching method, but no one in my family (including me) knows much about Latin school books. I would really appreciate your input. Thank You!

Here is my reply:

Fortunately, on my site, you do not have to choose.  You could go with Henle Latin as well as Lingua Latina.  However, if you want to go with just one book, go with Lingua Latina.  Unfortunately, in order to join the Lingua Latina 2 class, you will need to read the first 19 chapters of the book.  Since you have been through First Year Latin by Robert Henle, you will have the grammar background necessary to do this.  However, you will need to catch up on vocabulary.  First Year Latin teaches students 497 words.  Lingua Latina teaches students almost 2,000. 

If you decide to switch, I recommend you order Lingua Latina and start reading it this summer.  Treat it like a novel (which it is) and just read.  You should be able to read the first half of the book before classes start again in September. 

Let me know if you need more help!