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The silence

My site is about to change drastically.  Hopefully… Thursday.

In the meantime, the designer is doing all he can to make the transition a smooth transition.

During this time, we are doing our best to keep up with correspondence.  As always, it may be some time before you hear from me.

Thanks for understanding.

– Dwane



Pauciloquent: Using few words.  Brief in speech.  Taciturn.  Succinct.  Laconic. Breviloquent.

Pauciloquent comes from the Latin words paucus which means “few” and the Latin verb loquor, meaning “I speak”.

“The pauciloquent beggar received few pennies.” 

“The pauciloquent king was dethroned.” 

– From Stephen (a student in my early morning class, Word Up: Live!)

Word Up: Live!

Here is the most recent episode of Word Up: Live!

Though the class is still experimental, I have decided to extend it for one more week.  I am closer to extending it indefinitely.  But, I am a guy.  Commitment makes me nervous.

Anyway, if you want to join, and if you’re crazy enough to get up awfully early, this series remains free.  Recordings, however, Are only available to subscribers.  Join here:




Good morning, Everyone!

It’s 5 AM and I am trying to start class, but GoToWebinar will not open for me.  Too cold. perhaps?

Still trying….


Okay.  It is now about 10 after 5 and I am having no luck.  I will have to contact GoToWebinar to find out what went wrong.  Hopefully, we will be back tomorrow.   I apologize, everyone, and I especially apologize to my early rising friends.