The Hidden Meaning in Harry Potter

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When I was a kid, living in Holland, our pastor preached several sermons against the Chronicles of Narnia series.   My parents wanted to do the right thing.   So…, my sister and I were not allowed to read the books.

Years later, we moved to Louisiana. I met a new friend.   He encouraged me to read the Chronicles of Narnia.   In fact, he insisted that I borrow  a copy of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I hid the book under my bed for several weeks.   I didn’t read it.   I was nervous.  I knew the book was bad.  

Plus, I was afraid of what would happen if I were caught with the book.

When I married, my wife  encouraged me to read the books. By now I was an adult.  I read them.  I was stunned by what I found.   The Chronicles of Narnia are, quite possibly, the most Christian children’s books I have ever read. 

When my son was nine, we simply could not get the kid to read. He was interested in no books.   Then, he discovered the Harry Potter series.   I was not sure that I was happy about this.   After all many Christians around me were warning that the Harry Potter series was dangerous. 

I thought about the Chronicles of Narnia. I thought about how I had been afraid to read those books.   I thought about the well-meaning Christians who warned  my parents about these books.   I wondered if history was repeating itself.  

I decided to read the Harry Potter series. 

I was stunned.  I discovered the same thing.   The Harry Potter series, like the Chronicles of Narnia, is packed with hidden meaning.   And, I personally believe, like the Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series is another series that every child should read. This includes Christian children.

For three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will  host a special series of webinars.   During these webinars, I will take you through an overview of the Harry Potter series.

Now that the Harry Potter mania has come to an end, I feel like it’s a good time to look at the series again.  Join us.  You may spot something you missed the first time.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss

  • Hidden meaning in Harry Potter
  • Symbolism in Harry Potter
  • Latin names in Harry Potter
  • Latin spells in Harry Potter
  • Christianity in Harry Potter
  • J. K. Rowling’s story


I should have named the series, “Caldron of Spoilers”.  Do not join if you do not want to know too much!


Three weeks. The Three Mondays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. November 30, December 7, December 14.

7 p.m. central time zone to 8 p.m. central…. or later if the discussion is good and if there are a lot of questions.

Chances are, you missed a lot the first time you read the series.   Here’s your chance to return and find out just what you missed!

(Class is over now, of course.  But, the recordings are still available!)