Yesterday, I heard from the mother of three former students:

Just heard at the New Hope banquet that your family is traveling/moving? to  Greece???  And when does all of this transpire?

Please share.   I am not on Facebook so we  would love to hear how the Lord is leading you and your family.


Here is my reply:

Good morning!

It’s true.  We leave tomorrow morning.  Today is my last day at NHA, and my last day in the classroom after 20 years. 

It all escalated quickly.  My family and I joined a Biblical studies class at Williamson Christian College about a year and a half ago.  

The teacher Kristi McClelland takes groups to Israel every six months.  We decided to go.  The most expensive part, of course, was the airfare.  After looking at the price of airfare, we decided to stay in Europe for a while.  After all, living in Europe is not so expensive.  Getting to Europe is.

We thought about visiting multiple countries but finally narrowed it down to Greece.  I need to study Greek intensively for a bit as I am in the middle of a ten-year Greek mastery program that I have created for myself.  After mastering Latin, I wanted to do it again…. this time with Greek.

So, I re-instated my British citizenship and got a European passport, Then we rented out our place here in Franklin, rented a place in Greece.  I retired from teaching, and we automated all of our bills.  We have been packing for a while now.

Tomorrow, we drive to Virginia.  We will stay with friends, then it is on to New Jersey on Friday, and Israel on Saturday.  We will be in Israel for three weeks, and then we will move to Greece for three months.  If all goes well, we will be home in July, maybe August.  

Part of the trip is reconnaissance.  All those years ago, you encouraged me to start taking tours to Europe.  Well, it’s about to begin.  That is part of what I am up to.  I am already in talks with two tour guides.  I hope to take the first group in 2017.   So, thanks for the push.  🙂

Tell the family I said, “Hi!”.  I hope all is well!