I received the following questions:

Does the $25 and $50 per month class include the live classes too or just recorded?  It also states all classes.  Does this mean Lingua Latina as well?   I’m trying to figure out if we should try and finish Henle 1 over the summer (My daughter will be finish with half the Henle 1 book in May.) but that would depend on if you have a recorded version that we can use over the summer.  If that is the case, then my daughter can start Henle 2 in the fall.  My younger daughter needs to begin Henle 1, but she is only 13.  Can an 8th grader really complete all of the Henle book in a year?  May I call you or one of your representatives to discuss my options?  My younger daughter did audit Henle 1 alongside my older daughter this year, so maybe she does have a shot at finishing the book.     I’m also considering using the Visual Latin and Henle plan so maybe that could help her along.  I am really looking forward to hearing from you because I can use the help.  There are so many options and everything from online classes to co-ops need you to commit before summer even starts.  I don’t want to waste time and money making something fit for our family.  Thank you!


Here is my reply:


I am going to attempt to answer all of your questions in this one email.  Unfortunately, we cannot call each other, as I am currently in Greece with my family.  I am here to improve my Greek pronunciation for the online Greek classes I teach.  Also, as I am an army of one, there is no representative to call.  :-).

If you would like to speak to a representative at http://www.compassclassroom.com/, that is a different story.  This is the company that sells Visual Latin.  Of, course, if you have questions about Visual Latin, they will all likely come back to me anyway.  🙂

Any subscription on my site ($25 or $50) grants access to every class I teach. This means you could join (one subscription per family, not per student) and have access to Henle Latin as well as Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Subscriptions also grant access to any special webinars I teach throughout the year, and the Greek classes I teach.  Soon, I will be recording a series of classes that are recordings only.  You will have access to those as well.

Can an eighth-grader handle all of Henle 1 in one year?  Perhaps not.  But, that’s okay.  I have students who go as far as they can.  Then, the following year, they start over and go further.  The review makes them stronger at Latin.

Should your daughter start over, even though she is half-way through the book?  Sure.  The review will make her better at Latin.  I have read the same Latin books dozens of times.  Each time through, I get better. 

Could you finish Henle 1 over the summer using the old classes?  Yep.  I never take them down.  I have students starting and finishing all the time.  There is a lot of flexibility.  In my family, we have time to study during the summer, but December seems to be out of control.  We subscribe to several online programs.  I appreciate the flexibility that constant access offers. 

Just to be clear.  Subscribers have access to every live class I teach and access to all archived classes.  

I like helping people.  Unlike some other online programs, I don’t have a desire to squeeze families for every last dollar I can get from them.  

I see myself as a helpful advisor, not a money extraction machine.  

I am likely leaving money on the table.  Maybe a lot of money.

That’s okay.  I can sleep well at night this way.

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Friday!