Like over 20 other Americans, I suffer from a desire to reach personal goals.  Around this time of year, I start planning the next.

William James once said, “Think in the morning.  Act in the noon.”  I’d like to add one more sentence.  “Laugh in the evening.”

By the time evening rolls around, I am beat.  My day starts rather early.  I try to work with my brain in the morning and with my hands in the afternoon.

By the evening, I am shot.  My kids know the evening is the time to show me hilarious videos.  Lately, it is Studio C.

I recommend the same for you.  If you are plowing through some brutal subject (like Latin, or Algebra) you may need some lightening up.

Read the Far Side, or Calvin and Hobbes.  Or, watch Studio C.

Here is one to get you started:

Have a happy Saturday!

Dwane Thomas’ Tip of the Week, December 3, 2016