I received this question from one of my students:

I was wondering if there were any books you would recommend which you or your family members may have read in preparation to travel and live in a different country.

Hope you are enjoying Greece so far! I am loving your daughter’s blog. You guys are in my prayers.

Here is my reply:


I apologize for the delay. Recovering from a family emergency as you probably know.  Finally catching up this evening…

My kids get annoyed with me because I am really only interested in Europe.  They tell me the world is bigger than Europe, but I don’t believe it.  I grew up over there, and I love it.

That said, my favorite travel book is by Rick Steves.  Europe through the back door.  It is more of a tourist book, but I find it helpful and interesting.  

My favorite book about a traveler is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

One of the most useful books on travel I have ever read is Vagabonding, by Ralph Potts.  This one comes with a PG-13 warning, at least.  Perhaps R.  Overall, it is great.  But, there are moments….  We try very hard to travel cheaply.  This book helps with that.  

I hope that helps!

This may be a great question for Lydia, too.  I’ll bet she has her own list.

Have a great night!

Dwane Thomas