I received this call for help:

We are currently in Classical Conversations. My daughters have been in Henle Latin 1 for 3-4 yrs. This year, we completely lost interest and decided to pull back (plus we had some family health issues). So, now, we are STILL not thru that 1st book! I feel like we have nothing to show (on transcripts) for all that hard work! I seriously contemplated quitting Latin altogether (with all that hard work down the drain) until a friend told me about your Visual Latin classes.

Now, we have hope! I have a daughter going into 10th grade and another into 11th. What I would like to know is which of your classes would be best for them? Should we go with Visual Latin or your online Lingua Latina or online Henle? I would be willing to try online Henle if you thought it best. But, I really don’t mind switching to something other than Henle if it means renewed interest in Latin! Thank you!

Here is my reply:

I am so sorry you guys have had such a rough run with Henle Latin.  If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.  I often receive emails like yours.  

Which chapter did your daughters reach in Henle Latin?  Just curious.

Visual Latin is an explanation of the grammar behind Lingua Latina, and Henle Latin.  Chances are, if your girls have gone through much of Henle Latin, Visual Latin would be mostly review.  My guess is they are ready to move on to something besides Latin grammar.  

If this is the case, I recommend Lingua Latina.  I blog quite a bit about the book, actually.  If you want to learn how I feel about the book, just search Lingua Latina in the search bar on my site.  

If anything could renew your girls’ interest in Latin, it would be Lingua Latina.  It is a fantastic book.  For one thing, it is a novel.  This keeps things interesting.  

I do have to warn you, though, Lingua Latina is tough.  It is a serious book.  Of course, since your girls have plowed through Henle Latin, they are likely good to go.

Let me know if you need any more help!