I just found out about this yesterday, but I couldn’t wait to tell you all about this newest discovery.  

As you probably know, you can test out of some college courses by taking CLEP exams.  

In case this is new to you, CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.

I have looked into this in the past for my own kids.  But, I found the process confusing.

Yesterday, I discovered modernstates.org.   

In 2017, Steve Klinsky wanted to decrease the cost of education.  So, he found a way to give students their first year of college free.  He started modernstates.org.

Modernstates.org has free online preparation for ALL CLEP exams on their website. 

If a student answers 75% of the practice test questions correctly, modernstates.org will pay the $89 CLEP fee.

I am not a big fan of college, that’s no secret.  I think its an overpriced product with dubious results.  

But, if you are going to go… go as cheaply as you can.  

With modernstates.org, you could skip all the silly classes you have to take during your freshman year.  (Incidentally, that’s where colleges make a lot of their money since everyone entering college has to take those classes.)

I am currently running an experiment on myself.  I am trying to become fluent, or at least proficient, in French as fast as I possibly can.  

I am going to add modernstates.org to the experiment.  There is a French CLEP course on their site.  To see what happens, I am going to go through the course and take the test.  

I’ll post updates on my blog.  

But, don’t wait around on me.  If you are college-bound, check out modernstates.org.  CLEP out of your first year of college and save yourself a ton of money!


Classes are back!  Here’s the schedule:

During the month of August, we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  

After Labor Day (Monday, September 6) classes will meet every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.  

Also, during the month of August, I will be hosting some Q&A/Orientation classes on my site.  If you are not sure how to use my site, or if you have questions about languages, Visual Latin, or Word Up, feel free to join.  

Here is the link to the next one: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7504401472409055246


The classes:



Classes will pick up right where they left off in June.  Except for French.  French starts over… because I am still learning French and I need to start over.  

So, we will start in chapter one of Le Francais par la Methode Nature.  Last year, I took students through the first 20 chapters, or so.  This time, we will try to make it to the end.  There are 50 chapters.  It will take a few years.  I do not intend to start over next summer.   

French will meet from 7:30 – 7:55 am Central Time Zone.  During the month of August, we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  After Labor Day (Monday, September 6) classes will meet every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.  



In Spanish, we stopped at the end of Chapter 17 of the book All Spanish Method by Guillermo Aviles. In August, we will pick it back up in chapter 18.  Keep in mind… I am still learning Spanish.  So, I am “teaching” this class.  Really, I am learning in front of my students.  

Spanish will meet from 7:00 – 7:25 am Central Time Zone.  During the month of August, we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  After Labor Day (Monday, September 6) classes will meet every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.  



I will be teaching three Latin classes, as it turns out.  

Latin 3: Third Year Latin by Robert Henle will meet from 6:30 – 6:55 am Central Time Zone.  We have six chapters left in this book.  We will resume in chapter 16.  Skip this class if you can.  Instead, read Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  But, if you have to read the Henle book, I will do my best to help.  

Latin 2: From 8:00-8:25 am Central Time Zone, we will continue to work our way through Exercitia Latina.  In June, we stopped at the end of Chapter 19.  Tomorrow, we will pick it back up in chapter 20.  

Latin 1: Finally, I will be starting Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg over again.  Enough people have asked.  This class will not start tomorrow. We will start on August 17.  We will meet from 8:30-8:55 am Central Time Zone.  You cannot sign up for this class yet as I have not set it up yet.  I’ll get it set up soon. 

Though I can’t believe it, every year some people come to every class I teach.  I guess they just like my voice.  

So, if you decide to come to them all, here are the same classes from above in chronological order:


And now… the same thing I say every week.

Subscribers sometimes use my weekly emails as reminders to unsubscribe from my site.

Just keep in mind… I offer something no one else in academia (as far as I know) offers.  Stick with me for 3 uninterrupted years and you will have a lifetime subscription.

I now know this is a dumb business decision on my part, but I have heard from many of you that it is a huge help, so, for now, the offer stands.

Of course, if you are just starting out in Latin, you may be happier with Visual Latin.

Visual Latin is a full-blown Latin course.  It is rigorous, just not as rigorous as the classes on my site.  The classes on my site are more “next level” classes, really.

By the way, if you are into etymology (the history of words), and if you would like to see me make a fool of myself, you might enjoy Word Up.

Five years ago, or so, we launched this series just to see if it would work.  It did.  And, after years of listening to many of you beg for more, I finally gave in and agreed to make a fool of myself once again.  So now, Volumes 2 and 3 of Word Up are available.

And… if you aren’t a member of my site and would like to join, click here: https://dwanethomas.com/join/.

I hope you had a very happy Saturday!

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