After changing the tuition structure for the 2016 – 2017 school year, I received this email:


This is awesome!  As a mother of many…7 and counting, I was not really sure how I was going to afford to have more than one enrolled in your courses at a time.  Count us in.  Praying you will have 100’s of students enrolled in your classes.  I think what you are doing is brilliant!  

Can you tell me why someone might choose the first option?  If you are learning a language, what good is it, if you are learning it incorrectly?  To me, having you grade it is pretty important.  Am I missing something?

Here is my reply:

Ha!  I hope what I am doing is brilliant.  Honestly, I had families like yours (and mine) in mind when I restructured the system over the break.  I really hope it is a relief to you and many others.  Latin is already painful enough.  I just do not understand why it must also be expensive.

And, yes.  Don’t sign up until the fall.  This change does not affect current students.  

As for grading, I am slowly removing myself from the equation.  I will still grade if people want me to, but I am starting to steer students toward the tests and quizzes on my website, and toward an app that a friend of mine has developed.  Many students are happy with these tools alone and do not feel like waiting for me to grade their work.  I will certainly leave the option for personal grading open, but for many, I am actually slowing them down.  They would rather come to class, or watch a recording, take a quiz and move on to the next level.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!