I received this question:

After working through the final test together yesterday, we had to look up some answers because we could not figure them out from what we learned.  On questions 8&9, you ask us to find the imperative of amo and venio.  I went to part B, the sentence part on the video, and watched how you formed the imperative.  Take the infinitive and drop the re.  I saw venire, so we got that one, but amare was not there so I had to look it up.  Was there something in the lesson that would have helped us with amare?  Thanks!

Here is my reply:

It’s pretty simple.  Just drop the “re” from amare as well.  This gives you the singular imperative, “Ama!”  It works this way for most verbs.  

There is one group of verbs that really does not play by the rules.  They are third conjugation verbs.  They are really annoying.  

If you are ever confused about a verb, go to this site: http://latindictionary.wikidot.com/verb:vocare

Type in a verb (it works for many verbs, but it is not a comprehensive site), and scroll down.  You will find a section for imperatives.  I have entered the verb vocare (to call).  As you can see, if you remove the “re” from the infinitive, you will find the imperative, “voca.”


Present Singular