I received a grab bag of questions:

I am aware that you offer next level options, but I don’t know which to put them into or how it works; should both simply start in the first year, Lingua Latina, Chapters 1-19?  Do you have a scope and sequence that can be used for credit purposes?  When will registration dates be posted?  Is there a multiple family discount?  I am terrified to do the grading, especially if our oldest wants to try for the national exam.  

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

All classes are recorded, so you’re not really “late”.  🙂  You can join, start, and stop anytime.

I start the live classes in August so that we can get through the entire book in the shortest amount of time.   It’s a bit ambitious but, I find it’s better to rip the Band-Aid off rapidly.  

Lingua Latina is a novel.  So, no matter where you are in Latin, I recommend you start at the beginning of the book.  Otherwise the story does not make much sense.

I need to develop a scope and sequence for Lingua Latina.  However, Lingua Latina is a high-school/college text.  It satisfies all high school credit requirements.

As for registration, you can register anytime.

As for the live classes, I will post those schedules soon.  I am re-arranging my schedule next year and am not yet sure exactly which hours I will be teaching.  Classes will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and possibly Thursdays.

There is no longer a multi-family discount.  The only discount I now offer is the 8% discount built into the annual subscription.

I once charged an average of $300 per class. Last year, Henle Latin was $350 per class. With grading, it was almost $600. Since I have opened all of my classes to all of my subscribers, students now have access to anything I teach for $250 per year.  If you would like me to grade your work, it is $500 per year.  

Last year, some families were sending me thousands of dollars. I couldn’t stand it. So, I switched to the subscription price. One price per family grants access to everything I teach. For this reason, I no longer offer discounts.

My site is the discount. 

Nowhere else online will you find Latin and Greek tuition at this price. Most programs charge at least $500 per class, per year, per child. And, most charge plenty of administrative fees as well.

Let me know if you need more help!