I received this email:

I am so EXCITED!  I totally misunderstood – I thought for both of our daughters to continue in Latin, it would be $1,000 or more.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I now see it is a family subscription.  Apparently I am doing my best to confuse us both (hahaha), so would you clarify:  if both my daughters signed up for your Latin next year, with grading included, it would be $500 for our family?   I’ll look forward to a scope and sequence for Notice of Intent purposes and transcripts.  Thank you, for being such a good and caring teacher, and for your heart towards families learning.  

I saw your post this morning re: Greek.  I had to laugh at you practically begging for the chance to grade papers and your offer to join with grading included!  I love that you’re going to Greece temporarily, and I will be sure to mention this to my husband so that our family can be in prayer for your safety while there.  In my thank you above, I should have included ‘for being inspiring!’

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

You are correct.  One subscription per family.  I had families sending over $1000 to me last year.  I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I know how that feels on my end.  I don’t like it.  So, I changed the pricing.  $500 per family.  I am happy to know it is helping people.

I will most likey be working on the scope and sequence from Greece.

Have a happy Thursday!