Sigh.  Another one:

Thank you so much!  From your links, I was looking at your Visual Latin program (the homeschool bundle).  Even though we have done Henle Latin with Classical Conversations, I have found it to be confusing and frustrating.  We are thinking of switching over to your Visual Latin program.  Any thoughts on this?

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

Sigh.  Every week I get emails like this one.  Henle Latin is confusing and frustrating.  It’s not just you.  It’s many people.  

In fact, we created Visual Latin to help people just like you.  We felt that people needed simple video explanations of the complicated grammar of Latin.

Years ago, I created a ‘map’ connecting Henle Latin concepts to each video in Visual Latin.  Many people find it helpful.

Here it is:

Also, if you really feel you need it, I actually teach a live online Henle Latin class every year on my own site:

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Dwane Thomas