I received this question:

I should have asked when registration for the fall will begin. I know it’s only February, but open enrollment (at least for CC) has already begun. So, we’re trying to piece together a plan. Currently, on the classes page of your website, the only sign-up option is for the current school year.

I would also like to understand the difference between the [Henle Latin 1 Only – $250] audit option and the [Annual Access to All Classes $250] option. We really only need the Henle 1 class right now. Does selecting the Henle only option mean that my access will last longer than a year? When you said, you and your child can take this class again as many times as you like, does that mean I’ll have access to these recorded classes for as long as I want them for this one price. Because you see, if that’s the case… Wow! You may have just saved our homeschool.

While my oldest child will complete her three-year tour with Henle during Challenge 1 next year, she has three younger siblings who will follow close behind.

Lord willing, we will continue homeschooling. Assuming we stay the course with CC, someone in my house will be studying Henle Latin 1 from now until the year 2024! I’m going to be needing this class for a while! Shame on me if I’m not fluent in Latin myself by that time. But, right now in ChB,  we’re on lesson 17 and my oldest is frustrated because I cannot answer her questions. We just finished possessive pronoun adjectives and have started passive verbs. She’s a bright girl and she is working very hard, but I’m struggling to keep up with her while teaching her younger siblings. I was thrilled to find out that you offer this course. I know it will be a blessing.

Thank you,


Here is my reply:

Good morning!

You can sign up/register anytime.  

I am still working on my fall schedule.  I usually post the times in February, and, as of today… it’s February!  I should have schedules up soon.

You are correct.  If you subscribe to the site, you will have access to each and every class I teach, both live classes and previous classes.

If you sign up for Henle Latin 1 only, you will have access to to the Henle Latin one class forever.  Or, as long as my website survives.  I am phasing this out completely in favor of the subscription option.  But, for now, you are correct.  A one time fee grants you access forever.  

Last year, I charged an average of $300 for each of my classes.  If a family signed up for all of them, they paid $2,100.00.  That is how most online providers operate.  I have five kids.  I know how that feels.  I can’t do that to other people.  For this reason, I changed my site to a subscription site.  

Now, for a small monthly fee, families have access to every live class I teach, and to every previous class on my site.  That’s $2,100.00 of classes for $300 per year.  Or, if you want grading, $600.  Not only that, I also offer a small discount for those who sign up for the entire year.  The price drops to $250.  Or, if you want me to grade your work, $500.  

This is far below what most online providers charge for one class, for one student.  

Educating your children at home is hard enough.  I know.  I’ve done it and am doing it.  It has to be difficult.  It does not have to be expensive.  

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy Monday!