I received several questions

I am trying to make sure I understand how your online classes work. The monthly subscription cover one class for multiple children? And is it 25.00 a month for each class? And, which latin curriculum are you using for the online class? Or does it matter? Sorry for so many questions. Thank you.

Here is my reply:

Currently, I teach seven classes online.  Subscribers are welcome to join any of them.  Subscribers also have access to all previous classes.  Currently, there are about 400 previous classes.  

I now charge one subscription rate per family.

I once charged an average of $300 per class. Last year, Henle Latin was $350 per class. With grading, it was almost $600. Since I have opened all of my classes to all of my subscribers, students now have access to anything I teach for $250 per year.  If you would like me to grade your work, it is $500 per year.  

Last year, some families were sending me thousands of dollars. I couldn’t stand it. So, I switched to the subscription price. One price per family grants access to everything I teach. 

I teach two Latin classes.  We use Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg, and First Year Latin by Robert Henle.  If you are not in Classical Conversations, I recommend Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  But, I only recommend it for ages 13 and above.  It’s tough.

I also teach Greek.  I recommend you finish Latin before tackling Greek.  I currently teach from Athenaze, a textbook out of Oxford.  However, I am looking for something better.

Let me know if you need more help!

Have a happy evening!