I have confused someone.  Not the first time.


I have a child that has been doing Latin for a few years now, classical conversations and challenge with Henle but I’m afraid I don’t see this working and I am both intrigued and interested to know more about a better way to do this with her.  however I am unclear with website, do you use visual Latin and lingua book so that would be the material I would need to buy.  And why is Henle listed on website for forum, do you use that.  I would like to know what I would have to purchase and why this would be different than just using visual Latin as her course.  I liked that they learned to read from the bible, I would rather go straight to that and spending time there and learning Latin translations.  so I don’t think I understand enough of your program, I am guessing you are the teacher but how do those other things like visual Latin come in.  


Here is my reply:

Good morning!

Visual Latin 1 and 2 teaches all of Latin grammar.  So…  Visual Latin does cover Henle 1… and some of Henle 2.

Many people use Visual Latin alone.  There is no need to move on to other courses, like the live courses I teach every year on my site.

However, some students do want to move on from Visual Latin.  The live classes on my site are next level, advanced reading classes.  I am referring to the classes I teach on Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.

And then there are others, like yourself, struggling through Henle Latin.  The Henle series is a tough, rather dull, Latin series, as you have likely discovered.  Still, some students have to get through it, and want help.  Several years ago, I started teaching Henle Latin in live online classes to help those struggling with the book.

You can find more information about Henle Latin in particular right here: https://dwanethomas.com/henle-latin-online-classes/.

Let me know if you need more help!