I received these questions:

Hi, we just signed up for the Henle class and I’m noticing there are only 31 webinar classes. Your site said it was a 41-week class.  Are you no longer covering the entire book (42 lessons)? We have already worked through the 36th video of VL. Is this class going to be too much review? We were planning on my son learning the vocab over the summer before class starts. What we really are needing is motivation, community, and someone to grade. What will the weekly assignments look like and how do they compare to the exercises that are in the Henle book (breadth, depth)?

Thanks for answering my questions!

PS we live in Asia so will not be able to be online at midnight when you are live. Is this going to be a problem? Is there any other opportunity for interaction besides the weekly webinar, like forums?

Here is my reply:

Hi !

I am still setting things up for next year.  Go to Meeting will not allow me to schedule so far out into the future.  Therefore… 31 classes.  That is Go to Meeting, not me.  Unless something goes strangely wrong, there will be 41 classes.  We will need them all.  We will read the entire book.

Before this conversation goes any further, though, I have to ask.  Are you members of Classical Conversations?  Are you required to take Henle Latin?

Yes, studying vocabulary over summer is brilliant.  I wish all of my students would do that.  

Each week, your son will send an assignment to me.  I will grade it and return it to him.  I will include a student’s example at the end of this email.

You are welcome to use the recordings to “attend” class.  In fact, I will be working through the summer and the fall to load even more high-quality recordings.  The current recordings do not satisfy me.  

Currently, there is no forum, but that also, is something I will be working on this summer.  I would like to have a place for students to interact.

Let me know if you need more help!