My family and I have been in Athens, Greece now for a little over a week.  We have never lived in a city this large (over 4 million people) and we have much to learn.  So far, we have adapted well and are really enjoying our time here.

A friend of mine, David Durham is also here with us in the city.  He and his wife are doing some work among the refugee camps.  My wife and kids are working among the camps as well.

I have blogged about David before, and he has shown up in one of my “tips of the week”.  He leads tours to Europe almost every summer.  He and I will be sitting down together here in Athens to discuss a possible group trip to Italy or Greece.   It could happen as early as next summer.

He recently blogged about the experience.  It’s worth your time.  Spending just a little time with these people has helped put many of my own “struggles” into perspective.