I received a series of questions about my online classes.  Some of you may find this helpful.

My answers are going to look like this.

Good morning,

I am writing to you ask a few questions about your online class for Lingua Latina.  My 13-year-old daughter (turns 14 on the 21st) has completed lesson 25 in Henle 1.  We are considering a change to VL and taking your online class Lingua Latina.  We have several friends who have joined your class this year.  

I have a few questions.

1.  Is it too late to join your class?  All classes are recorded, so you’re not really “late”.  🙂  You will just need to schedule a little time to catch up.

2.  Does the $294 price include Visual Latin curriculum?  No.  But I drop the price by $90 if you do own Visual Latin.  Which sort of answers your next question….

3.  If not and I plan to purchase it would I pay the $204 price?  Can you explain the difference in those choices?  I drop the price of the online class by $90 if you own Visual Latin.  

4.   Would you recommend her going through VL 1 with online class Lingua Latina this year and then VL 2 next year also taking the LL2 class?  Thus fulfilling her high school foreign language credits?  Honestly, if your daughter has made it chapter 25 in Henle Latin, she could likely jump into LL2 this year.  She would just need to get the book and try to read the first 20 chapters to catch the class.  It would be ambitious.  She would likely need to hole up in a cabin by a lake for two or three days to pull this off.  But, given her background, she could likely do it.  Not only that, Lingua Latina is a novel.  She might even enjoy the experience.  

5.  Do you recommend she finish Henle 1?  Only if hasn’t gotten enough of slaughtered Gauls, crying mothers, dead bodies floating in rivers, and prayers to Mary.  I am likely going to get in trouble for this comment.  

6.  My other daughter, who is 12 years old will be starting Latin this year.   What is the ideal schedule?  7th grade – VL1

8th grade – VL2

9th grade – Lingua Latina 1 (high school credit??)  Lingua Latina is a college level textbook.  It blows the high school requirements out of the water.  Read this book and you have fulfilled all high school requirements.

10th grade – Lingua Latina 2

I think those are my only questions for the time being.   Thank you for your time!!  PS I read you changed the order of emails (latest on top) so I hope you see this SOON!  I hope this was soon enough!  I am slammed from September to May.  

Let me know if you have any more questions!