My family and I are overseas for a while.  I am here to work.  We are currently in Jerusalem.

In my profession, I use a lot of books.  I need these books for work. Lots and lots of Latin and Greek books.

To move overseas, each of us carried one backpack.  We also brought along one extra bag.  It is basically packed with extra food.  Just in case.

In other words, I have a problem.  I need books for my job but brought only one.  That will not cut it.

It doesn’t matter.  I have access to almost all of the books I need.

I grew up in the pre-internet world.  I am still astonished at the tools available today.

I didn’t need to bring any books, really.  Thanks to the following three sites, I have access to more than I need.

Check them out.  You may find digital copies of the books you need.  The first two are free.  The third one is a paid subscription site.  Here they are:

Google books:


Happy reading and happy Saturday!

Dwane Thomas Tip of the Week – March 25, 2016