About Me

Hi!  I am Dwane Thomas, author of the Visual Latin Series.  I am glad you are here.

Hang out here for a while, and you will hear a lot about Latin.  But that is not all, of course.  In fact, I started this site, because I was tired of only talking about Latin.  I teach Latin locally and internationally. Naturally, people associate me with Latin.  But, I am also a husband, father, writer, hiker, biker, and spider striker.  (I hate spiders. All of them.)

I grew up all over the place.  I was born in Oxford, England, and have lived in Holland, Germany, Alaska, New Hampshire, Maine, Oklahoma, and places I would love to forget (Louisiana.  It’s hot there.  Really hot.). After college, my wife and I settled down in Franklin, Tennessee to raise a family.  It’s been fun, but I am itching to move on. I miss travel. And, I really miss Germany.

Growing up internationally, I became interested in languages.  My sister learned Dutch in Holland.  I didn’t.  I regret that.  When we moved to Germany, I decided not to make the same mistake twice.  I learned German.  In college, which was a major waste of time, I learned about Latin and its influence on English.  (I did not learn about Latin in college.  Rather, I learned about it at a conference I attended while attending college.)  I decided to learn Latin, but had to wait until after college, which was a major waste of time.

After college (which was… oh, nevermind), I taught myself Latin.  Well, for a while, I taught myself Latin.  I realized I needed some help, and, at age 23 enrolled in a local high school class.  For three years, I studied Latin.  I had two children before finishing high school.  Heh.

The name of the blog, “Think Outside the Border”, is a play on words, obviously.  After moving back to America some time ago, I was often admonished  to “Think Outside the Box.”

I am not exactly sure what that means.  Most of the people saying it were doing whatever most of the people who weren’t saying it were doing.  Was everyone thinking outside the box?  Or, was no one thinking outside the box?  And, by the way… what was the box?  Soon, I grew tired of trying to think outside the box.  There were so many conflicting messages.  I wasn’t sure what the box was or how to think outside of it.

I was, however, used to thinking outside the border.  When you grow up overseas, you see things differently.  For example, if you own a business, you do not have to open the doors to your business seven days a week.  When I lived in Europe (maybe it’s different now) stores closed at 5 or 6 and stayed closed on Sunday.  When I moved back to America, I felt like I was always in Las Vegas.  The lights were on 24/7. Everything was opened all the time.  It’s distracting.  Is that really necessary?  No.  It isn’t.  Close the doors.  Turn off the lights.  Go home.  Spend time with your friends and family.

That is what Think Outside the Border is about.  It’s about seeing the world through different eyes.  It’s about looking for a better way.  It’s about realizing that there are other ways to see the world.

Thanks for stopping by!  Need to ask me something?  Contact me, or comment below.

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