Every year, I teach Latin to hundreds of students using video conferencing technology.  It costs about $2,000 a year.

In the 1980’s I would have paid around $250,000 to purchase a video conferencing system from Compression Labs.  Since I would have only been about 10 years old, or so, my parents would likely have refused to allow me to make such a purchase.

Now I can set up a video conference from my mobile phone.

Our lives, our world, our opportunities are improving.

One thing, in particular, has hit me square in the face after returning to America from four months in Greece.  Everyone is constantly, negatively, focusing on national politics.  It’s as if the world is coming to an end.

“Oh no!  One inept political figure is running against another inept political figure for the four-year chance to complain that an inept congress is not allowing them to get anything done!”

Inspired by the negativity, I have decided to pay more attention to people like Peter Diamandis.

Right now, I am reading his 2013 book, Abundance.  If the negativity and the pessimism around you are dragging you down… you should read it, too.

Naturally, you will not agree with everything he says, but, who cares?  Read it anyway.  You will find yourself believing again. You might even find yourself eager to turn off the news.

Don’t have time for the book?  Here is a video summary.  Watch it, and cheer up!  https://youtu.be/BltRufe5kkI

Have a happy, cheerful, positive Saturday!
Dwane Thomas, July 23, 2016