I received this question about Lingua Latina:

I plan on using Visual Latin and Lingua Latina per your recommendations for High School (9th and 10th grade). Can you tell me what Lingua Latina books you recommend? If I get the exercise book, do you know if it includes the answers or which book has the answers to the exercises? Do you recommend the Teacher’s Companion? When we complete Visual Basic, I would like to continue using Lingua Latina Pars 2 for 11th and 12th grade. Would that be your recommendation?

Thank you!

Here is my reply:


Ordering Lingua Latina can be a little tricky.  Make sure you get the main book.  It is here: http://www.amazon.com/Lingua-Latina-Illustrata-Pars-Familia/dp/1585104205

Honestly, I recommend people just get the main book and read it over and over again until it all makes sense.  I generally do not recommend the exercise books.  I think Lingua Latina is sufficient on its own.  

Rather than the College Companion, I recommend the student manual written by Hans Ørberg himself.  It is extremely helpful!  It is also not that expensive.  Here it is: http://www.amazon.com/Lingua-Latina-Illustrata-Latine-Students/dp/1585100501/ref=pd_sim_b_7?ie=UTF8&refRID=0MRADMFVC2MTHCFG79SY

As for book 2, if your kids can get through that, they will be able to teach Latin if they want to.  They will likely know more than their professors and teachers.

Incidentally, I currently offer live online classes for Familia Romana, and am seriously considering Roma Aeterna.  Could be that by the time your kids get there, I will be available to help if they get stuck.

Let me know if you need more help!