For the past 5 or 6 years, and possibly more, I have been collecting student work.

Each day, as students send answers to assignments, I check their work and then copy their work into a file.

I have also collected my responses to the students, and I have collected my corrections of student mistakes.

Over the years, the files have grown into an enormous “book” of roughly 800 pages.

In the past, I have offered these files to anyone who asked.  These files have been very helpful to thousands of students and their parents.

About a week ago, I began loading these files into the “member’s” section of my site.  I am still in the process of loading these files.  It is a time-consuming process.  It is my goal to load two to three files per day.  It takes almost an hour to transfer each file into the “member’s” section.  There is no way to automate it as everything must be edited immediately.  I am doing all by hand.

If you are a member of my site, the work is yours.  Simply click on the member’s section of my site, choose your course, and look for the sections labeled “Student answers”.

I am not taking on any new student work to grade next year.  Grading has become too time-consuming.  I spend all of my time “catching up” these days, and I spend little time “contributing”.  Next year, I am going to try to flip the previous sentence.

As Wonka says, “Strike that.  Reverse it.”

I also intend to begin creating “homework help” videos.  Due to the amount of grading, I ran out of time and had to stop creating those videos.

You, the members, now have access to years and years of my work.  You can check your work easily by comparing your answers to the answers of other students.  You can also read my notes.   I point out thousands of common mistakes and then offer my corrections.

As far as I know, this is like no other answer key available.  Take advantage of it before I come to my senses, remove it all from my site, turn it into a book, and sell it for what it is worth.