I received this inquiry:

My son has completed all 60 lessons for Visual Latin. Would this be enough to prepare him for a CLEP test??

Here is my reply:


I apologize for the delay.  I have been on the road for weeks.  Home now.  Catching up.

Visual Latin teaches students all of the complicated Latin grammar.  After Visual Latin, students should be ready to read in Latin.  I recommend starting with the New Testament.  

However, based on what I know of standardized tests, my guess is students would not be ready for any Latin CLEP test.  I am guessing here since I have never seen that test.  I did a search for it online, but could not find it.  

The AP Latin test requires students to read sections by Caesar and Virgil.  This is like asking foreigners to read sections by Churchill and Shakespeare.  After Visual Latin, students may be able to handle Caesar, but are simply not prepared to handle Virgil.  Both authors require advanced reading ability in Latin.  Most students require extensive reading in Latin before tackling Virgil.  

Based on this, I do not think Visual Latin alone would prepare a student for any Latin CLEP exam.

I am sorry.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.