My family and I are currently on the Greek island of Paros.  While we are here, I am attempting to video blog (vlog) for the first time.

My son, who has been vlogging every day for years, is trying to help me learn this strange new skill.  I turn 45 on Sunday.  He is definitely trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

I tried once last year, but when my son wrecked (and nearly died) last year, I stopped vlogging and we flew home to Colorado.  This is my first attempt this year.

Among other things, I need to learn to look at the camera, and not the screen.  Heh.

And, I need to learn to put text on the screen.  I could use the text to correct mistakes in the video.  For example, my girls did not wait in the car where it was hot.  They waited in the car where it was cool.  Duh.

Anyway, here is my first go at it this year: (if you are having trouble watching the video via email, you can watch the video on my site.  Just click the link.)

By the way, I am in Greece for two reasons.  One, I am trying to learn the language.  Two, I am meeting with locals, and I am training with a tour guide.  I would like to start bringing students (and anyone else) over here.  My own children are the current test group.

So, if you have ever wanted to explore Greece (or other parts of Europe), your opportunity may be around the corner.